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Journal FortKnox's Journal: [FFL] FuManChu 2

[FFL] = Fantasy Football League...
I don't know if non-members can see, but the site for our keepers league is

Anywho, here's my team (* denotes starters, + denotes my keepers):
QB *+Tom Brady, Charlie Frye: Tom was my keeper. If he's anything like the past 5 or so seasons, he'll play all year, and be a solid starter with solid points week in and week out. I'm praying on no injuries, cause I didn't pick a backup QB until almost the last round of the draft...

RB *Kevin Jones, *+Willie Parker, DeShaun Foster, Wali Lundy : I picked the young, small, fast backs. Kevin Jones may become the next Marshall Faulk under Mike Martz, and Willie Parker (another keeper) has been waaay underestimated. The Steelers have already said he'll get the goalline carries, so he's basically like a Denver back: will get most of the TDs a game. Combine Parkers yards last year with Bettis TDs, and you'll see what I mean. Foster is a great plugin for injuries or just bad play. Lundi is my sleeper pick. He's starting in Houston under Kubiak, and he's a Kubiak style runner... similar to that Portis guy before he started in Denver...

WR *Plaxico Burress, *Javon Walker, Matt Jones, Donte Stallworth, Eric Moulds: Burress will be a solid producer, as he is Eli's favorite target. Javon's production will be based on that streaky Plummer. Matt Jones could slip into the starting role if he becomes the go-to guy in Jax now that Jimmy Smith is gone. Stallworth and Moulds are iffy depending on how their QBs use them...

TE *Chris Cooley, Randy McMichael : Cooley I had from last year (though he wasn't a keeper). Used a ton when the Skins got into the redzone. Plus Al Saunders is big on TEs (Kellen Winslow Sr, and Tony Gonzalez... ever heard of them?). Randy McMichael is good insurance if the Skins offense behaves anything like it did in the preseason.

K *Adam Vinatieri, David Akers : Two solid, clutch kickers. Vinatieri will be my starter when he isn't injured (indoor kicking means more points).

DEF *+Steelers, Redskins : The Steelers Def/ST was a keeper. I have literally kept them since we ran the first draft of this league, and its paid off every year. Plenty of sacks, plenty of low scoring games. The loss of Randle El means possibly less points for kick/punt returns for TDs... so I gave myself a solid backup. The Washington Defense was extremely solid last year, and I'm expecting much of the same this year... and they DO have Randle El, so I could get the bonus of returns for TDs...

One of my big things when drafting now-a-days (been playing FF for ~9 years now), is diversity. Look at the teams my players represent... Only 3 teams are duplicated in my lineup, including my bench. I always hate playing a WR and RB of the same team... cause either they have a high scoring game, or I am splitting my points up... so I consciously kept to players from very different teams to try and keep things diverse so, while I may not get extremely high scoring games, I should have a lot of solid scoring. That's the plan, anyway :)
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[FFL] FuManChu

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  • So when are you going to open up the waiver wire (as I was the genius who drafted Dominick Davis... I realized this two beers into the night. Then I had a third one and that medicated me nicely ;P).

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