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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Halloween? 14

You doing to dress up for halloween?
If so, what will you be wearing??

I think that with Joey, I can take him out in the costume my mother gave him (I think its a duck costume), and since my wife is diabetic, guess who gets all the candy?

Who said having kids doesn't have perks ;-)
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  • I might go to a halloween party, but I also might be staying home to study for the two tests I have the next day.

    I don't know what I would go as. Probably not a witch. I figured I was starting to get too old to go trick or treating when I was a witch for the 4th year in a row. I think I may have worn out the costume. :) What I love are those little animal kits that contain ears and a tail. You're supposed to wear them with a leotard. Riiiiight. For some reason, I don't think the person who came up with that bright marketing ploy was female.
    • There was a great memepool article about how the difference for costumes for men and women are that the adjective "Sexy" is pre-pended to every title. So it isn't pirate, its "Sexy pirate", or "sexy monster"
    • saith SomeWoman:

      I might go to a halloween party, but I also might be staying home to study for the two tests I have the next day.

      i'll xerox that. six classes for me this term...i understand what's going on in at least two of them. i don't know which one i'll be studying that day.

      i'm not usually big on halloween. it's been a while since i went to a halloween party, and i was dressed as "Rimmer" from "Red Dwarf". prior to that, i amish accountant?
      the comercialization (mentioned in the other threads) has bugged me a little bit over the years, but i do try having fun instead of making a scene. sometimes it works, two people actually _got_ why i had a large capital aitch on my forehead. that was fun.

  • Last year and the year before (tradition now, I guess) what we do is decorate a friend's house in scary (to the little ones) decor and give out candy. I don't do any dressing up myself, but I cook the steaks and hand out the candy once the 10 or so guys and gals dressed up scare the bejesus outta the kids. It's good fun. Last year we had a cemetary in his front yard complete with fog machine and graves. Graves had bad things on them, like R.I.P SpongeBob, etc. Meanies :)

    • Wow, that's funny. I can see the little kids crying now!

      I'm thinking of dressing up as an extremely drunk Net Admin... oh, wait. No, I don't party like I did in college. In college, we had 100+ people at my house every year, several kegs, several hundreds of $$$ worth of liquor, the whole deal. You should have seen some of the costumes that were worn. One girl came wrapped in Saran Wrap. Good times. :-)

      In all actuality, I will probably just stay home and hand out candy like last year. I may steal that RIP SpongeBob idea though, and decorate the yard. I used to have to guard against people trying to roll my neighbor's house before I went to college. She was a teacher, but she was really nice, and I can't figure out why they wanted to roll her house. I would put on full camo, paint my face, and lay in the leaves with my paintball gun and "discourage" those that were inclined to roll her place. Red paintballs got the best reaction. :-)

  • I will go as nothing at all, because I'm European and Halloween doesn't belong here. The problem is that big bussiness is pushing this holiday here too: the last few years Halloween parties were popping up everywhere! I suspect that if kids start coming collecting candy at my door, I'll buy an alarm pistol (no guns allowed here) and blow a few rounds at them. Even if they call the police I can always say that it is part of my "mad lunatic shooter costune".
    Halloween belongs over the big pond, not at my side.
    • The problem is that big bussiness is pushing this holiday here too

      Here in Australia there is also a push to do the big Halloween thing. Big business is just trying to create another occasion to sell useless merchandise, "candy" and costumes to people who do not really understand or appreciate what the occasion really means. I am not against Americans celebrating Halloween the way the do - in fact, I used to wish we did have a similar tradition when I was a kid, but now the cynic in me just looks at the push to intriduce it here as a marketing ploy. Too many kids in Australia are trying to be American - wearing the clothes, listening to rap and hip-hop music, talking the jargon and trying to be just like the cool homies they see on tv and in the movies, but not really getting it. Different cultures evolve their own language, dress, music and behaviour patterns for specific reasons. To the homies in America, their language/dress/music/etc are a part of their identity! They're not doing it to be cool, but to try and carve out their own place ion the world - to stand up (and out?) against authority. Sigh! Maybe I'm just getting to old and cynical...

      Anyway, I kinda got off on a tangent there, but my point is this: Dressing up in costumes and going out "trick-or-treating" at Halloween is a US tradition. It has evolved over the years to what it is today. We have our own culture and traditions that are just as important (?) to us. Big business shouldn't be trying to force other cultures' traditions on us in such a heavy-handed manner. If they want to make money out of special occasions, maybe they should try to leverage the local customs more?
  • For some reason I lost my zeal for dressing up. Either I'm working, or handing out candy to kids that never appear.

    Halloween is so boring now... No trick-or-treaters, no costumes. Although the decorations are nice.
    • I think that thanks to 9/11, no one wanted to do much of anything last year. I was taking a class after work that day, so I didn't get home until 8:00 pm, at which time the few that came over were long gone.

      I'm still going to dress up (probably do it lazy this year and wear my Renaissance costume) at work and get home early enough to hand out sugar-filled snacks to the kiddies. Heck, they don't get enough sugar as it is, so I need to do my part.

      Be alert! American needs more lerts!

  • A Mounty [] Or a lumber jack I'm not sure yet.
    • Well, if you pick lumber jack, you realize that you must recite the lumberjack song at least a dozen times...

      Oh I'm a lumberjack and that's OK...
      I sleep at night and I work all day...
  • We used to go nuts at Halloween. Decorated the yard, the house (inside and out). Hell, I bought matchbox cars to give out for Halloween one year. Last year was a dissapointment, not many kids showed up.

    I think I'm supposed to dress Angie and joseph up as aliens, and decorate her wheelchair like a flying saucer, and push them around the neighborhood. Last year, Joseph was Harry Potter (my mother made him a robe, hood, etc. Maryland's littlest clansman! Although it was a red/orange hood/cloak, like the Quidditch robes. Is that a Grandmaster outfit?) I don't think he'll fit this year.

    No matter what, you won't catch me doing that one piece of candy crap. YOu get a handful. Your hand if you want to be picky, my hand if you are just a pig. Funny how that plays out. Usually the girls will point at what they want. I'll scoop it out, and sometimes the bag drops from their hands. The boys always think they can get more than I can, so they go away with less. But the smart kids, who waited a bit, notice this, and let me do the picking.

    And if you don't wear a costume, get the hell out of my face! That's part of the deal. I get to laugh at you dorks, and you get free candy. No laughing, no reward. And I better hear 'Trick or Treat' from the next house. Put some enthusiasm into it. Shit, some of these kids act like they're doing me a favor taking this candy off of my hands. No, you're not. And you're not doing it to prevent me from getting tricked. Mr .22 takes care of people who feel the need to use TP anywhere but on their butt.
    • I agree with the no kids bit.

      I bought full and king sized candybars three years ago to encourage more kids to show up the next year. I had a few that year, and less last year. My new apartment is all the way in the back of the neighborhood and I don't expect any kids this year :-(

      Maybe I'll hand out candy from my inlaws this year?

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