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Journal FortKnox's Journal: [M,MH&I] I cured my IBS??? 13

I have been studying what I eat for months, now. Trying to find that trigger that causes me to have at least 3 days of pain. Trying to do something different at dinner not to have that pain every morning...
I know stress does it. Always will do it. Dad even says I'm not built for management physically, because any heavy stress environment and my body goes nuts.
Then it hit me... I never had a single issue at home before college. I always thought it was an age thing, cause when I ate at my parents over an extended time, sometimes my IBS would get worse.
So what did I change in my diet? Well, I took eggs out... at least sunny-side up and over easy. Minutes after eating them gets my stomach upset and outta whack. Not IBS, just lost the ability to digest them or something... I stopped drinking milk, cause everytime I ate cereal in the morning, I'd get sick shortly after... but I used to drink a glass of milk with every dinner when I was living with my parents... Then I thought more about it... when I used to eat cereal in college, I'd be so hungry, I'd eat 6-8 bowls. THAT is probably why I was getting sick, not the milk. So two weekends ago, I figured, what the hell, and drank a glass of milk a day (usually with dinner).

The results have been AMAZING. No pain in the morning. No problems with the gut. The only time I start feeling ill is days I forget to drink my milk.
Of course, this is hard to explain. Either I'm psychosomatic, or I had a calicum deficiency? I dunno, but other than stress, I'm doing GREAT gut-wise. Who woulda thunk....?
Now I wonder if beer will screw up my system, or was it just the lack of milk (I haven't had beer since college, cause it always made me sick)?
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[M,MH&I] I cured my IBS???

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  • Well you aren't lactose intolerent then :-) I have been having gutt issues lately; it seems to clear up and then wham, back to suffering. I should see a doctor (blech), because I am thinking it is stress + something I am eating. Keeping a journal might be a good first step for me anyway.... (what is it with computer people and bowel problems????)
    • (what is it with computer people and bowel problems????)

      Very good question. I've asked the same...but got no answers. :)

      Josh - How were you cooking the eggs? Butter? Margarine? Bacon fat?
      • I tried oil, butter, and margerine. I just can't do eggs. Stomach issue more than gut.
      • Just curious... how's your caffeine intake? One thing that computer people always freak out when they learn about me is that I avoid caffeine as much as possible. I noticed when I first moved down here that my stomach was feeling weird. I usually have a gut of steel, so this bothered me. Then I noticed that manager was always leaving caffeine-laden treats around and making Starbucks runs, and we'd all get some coffee. I realized that my caffeine intake had increased and my stomach didn't like it.
  • It could be that the milk is basic and helps neutralize some stomach acid. Also, there are over 1000 different organic compounds in milk (second only to eggs in complexity in a naturally occuring food). Any one of them could calm down the problems in your gut.


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