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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Dupe story saved? 8

I've written to 'daddypants' before when I was first donated this subscription (thanks to whoever it was... I never did find out). Mostly for dupes. Usually the story was posted anyway. I gave up. Saw another dupe today which was hard to spot (the story about about game testers, and it had two angles... the original had one angle, the new story had another). Well, I read the original and was really intrigued by it, recognized the dupe right away, and thought 'what the hell' and emailed daddypants...

I got.... a REPLY?!?


Thanks for spotting that! Sometimes our dupe-finding software works, and when it doesn't, such assistance is very helpful.


Wow. I thanked him for the reply and was stunned. Is /. becoming more user friendly? I have to admit after the loss of Katz and Michael, it seems like a much friendlier place...
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Dupe story saved?

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  • I had one... (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Otter ( 3800 ) on Monday June 19, 2006 @02:58PM (#15563330) Journal
    A few years ago I submitted a story and got a friendly email from Timothy noting that it was a dupe and pointing me to the old /. link!

    Katz's contributions weren't as much unfriendly as just shameless sucking up to the dumber half of the under-16 readership. Michael, on the other hand, was genuinely abusive. I know I no longer have posts suddenly dropping from +5 to -1 since his departure.

  • I totally forgot about Michael. He was an ass.
  • I know that ever since digg started getting more traffic than Slashdot, Slashdot has shaped things up a lot. The /. readership numbers have been steadily declining, and digg's have been steadily increasing... maybe they finally realized they couldn't just do the same things they were doing in 1998 and expect to have increased readership.

    I say... good for digg. The egos here on Slashdot, especially from story posters, have always been out of whack as far as I am concerned. ("Spelling errors? Who cares? This
  • The story from earlier today, "Gates' Replacement says Microsoft Must Simplify" originaly read "Gate's Replacement says Microsoft Must Simplify" and they actually bothered to fix the apostrophe in the title before it was published!

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