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Journal FortKnox's Journal: [Movie] Cars review 11

Well, they are saying its the 'best Pixar, yet', which is saying a lot. I mean, the Incredibles should have been up for an oscar for best picture, IMHO...

Anywho, the only minor spoiler I'm going to give is this (in rot3. Go here to decode). The movie plot is the same as the movie "Qbp Ubyyljbbq."

It was a dramedy, which isn't my fav style, but it definitely had a lot of good laughs in it. After I finished seeing it, I thought it had more 'adult' jokes than kid jokes, but Joey had a great time for his very first movie in the theater.
The middle was a bit slow, so he got a little impatient, but it sped back up at the end. A good flick, all in all... but the best Pixar? I'm afraid not.
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[Movie] Cars review

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  • Took my little out out to it while the Bride did a baby shower. Missed the 7PM, but caught the 7:45PM. Got done at 10! Figure the thing was at least two hours long.

    Love the blue 996. (grin)
  • I have to think the best Pixar was Finding Nemo.
    At least, if you count what sticks in kids' minds, and what they want to see again (and what you don't mind seeing 3 or 4 times in a row) :)

    If you get bored with the movie, I think the DVD also has a fake aquarium :)
  • It's clearly not Pixar's best work. But considering just how good the rest of Pixar's stuff is, that amounts to praising them with faint damnation.

    It's a bit slow in parts, when the action gives way to character development. But it also teaches a bit of US history, and has more than one well-crafted moral.

    I think it's really interesting that it's looking lovingly back on a car culture that changed thirty or fourty years ago, and in another thirty or fourty years the car culture that made the movie may be eq
  • The conversation went something like this...

    SG: I'd be up for the latest possible showing of Cars.
    SW: In a dangerous neighborhood?
    SG: Perfect.

    See we waited for the 10:30 pm showing last night. Our plan was unsuccessful due to the apparent demise of Bedtime, but the movie was pretty good. I'm still going to have to say that it was not the best Pixar movie ever, but Pixar has never made a bad movie. (Some Guy disagrees- he did not like Monsters, Inc.) I think Toy Story 2 was an exceptional movie, but I h

  • I'm still waiting for the outrage at how the movie will encourage kids to destroy our precious environment by driving. There is a scene where Sally asks McQueen if he wants to go for a drive, for no reason! Wasting fuel and polluting! Shocking I tell you!

    On a more serious note, the movie was great. Not Pixar's best by any means, but leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else attempting to pull off the CG comedy (Over the Hedge for instance).

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