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Journal FortKnox's Journal: My Week 5 Picks 4

OK, everyone else is doing it, and I got time this morning, so lemmie give you all my pics (in order of most confident, first):

Chiefs vs. Jets Chiefs are firing on all cylanders. The Jet's D is being rotated around this game, and they have a new QB. The Chief's D isn't anything spectacular, but the O will win the game. Kansas City by 21

Bengals vs. Colts The Colts haven't been impressive. The Bengals just stink. But going 0-5 is really difficult, even for the bungles. I hate putting a 0 win team as a loser (look at Detroit last week), but Colts have better talent. Indianapolis by 17

Cards vs. Panthers The Cards have a banged up line, both backs are hurting, no one can draw attention away from David Boston. Fox's miracle in Carolina continues. Carolina by 14

Skins vs. Titans The Titans cannot get it rolling, and its because their defense is just aweful. The skins will take advantage of Tennessee's horrible secondary. This will be a high scoring game, but Washington can score points faster. Washington by 14

Ravens vs. Browns The Ravens had offense last week. Hope you didn't miss it, cause it was a fluke. Cleveland by 14

Rams vs. 49ers Can Jamie Martin bring St.Louis out of their slump? Maybe. Maybe not.San Fransico by 7

Chargers vs. Broncos This will be a great game. The Bolts are playing great, but Denver is coming off an embarassing loss, they are at home, and their LBs will stop LT, meaning a slow O for San Diego.Denver by 7

Eagles vs. Jags Don't count out the Jags. Their offense is showing some promise (if Fred Taylor stays in), and their Defense isn't too shabby. Philly will win, but not by much.Philadephia by 3

Bucs vs. Falcons The Bucs have a great D, and are coming off an easy week with Cincinnati. Vick looks solid, but how can he handle the front 7 of the Bucs? Tampa Bay by 3

Steelers vs. Saints Tommy Maddox. Revamped D. Like you guys didn't already guess this one. Pittsburgh by 3

Raiders vs. Bills The Raiders are scoring like mad, but they haven't faced really tough teams, yet. The Bills are just rolling. Both offenses look great, but Oaklands secondary is banged up. Special teams and turnovers are the game. Buffalo by 3

Pats vs. Dolphins This is going to be a helluva game. Both great teams, and one will walk away with two straight losses. Miami is at home, and New England has a tough time with the running game. Ricky Williams may not have a good game, but he'll take home a win. Dolphins by 3

Packers vs. Bears I have been leaning towards the pack, because of Chicago's defensive injury woes. But Green Bay's D is also hurting, opening up a nice game for the A-Train. And Chicago finds ways to win if they get their running game open. I'm predicting another Jim Miller 4th quarter comeback win. Bears by 1

Giants vs. Cowboys The Giants are overrated. So are the Cowboys. Both QBs are inconsistant. NY has a faster back, Dallas has faster recievers. Its a crapshoot, but I'm going with Dallas by 1
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My Week 5 Picks

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