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Journal FortKnox's Journal: /. redesign 28

Well, I've given up on being able to compete with what's going on... but there is one I like that was close to what I was thinking. I talked and added in my ideas, and this is the new version.
Its what I thought it would be. Not too far from what we see now, but a little more modern and sleeker looking. Whatcha think?
Taco's original blurb (Michael Milligan's design) complained about the footer.
Any ideas?

I'd really like to see this one win...
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/. redesign

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  • But it sure looks slick. What we really need though is a redesign that isn't noticeable from a distance, for those of us who sneak on here during work hours. (not me,of course).
  • Why are there topic images floating in the right column?
    • In firefox (damn, I'm actually behind the times with my firefox version at work!) 0.9, it works great. Guess it isn't too cross browser compatible.
      • Not wonderfully cross browser compatible yet, indeed. Until I nail down the right feel, I'll stay away from the detailed tweaks. Have you seen the other layout I did: http://www.dustrunners.com/slashdot/indexc.php [dustrunners.com]

        Same black background treatment there? Or is it too "out there"?
        • Its too broken for me. Half the articles are half-sized length-wise. Half the slashboxes are under the articles. Lemmie get out IE and take a gander...
          • It looks good but the "Read More" links are whacked (floating over the bottom of the article boxes) in Firefox running under Linux.
            • Yeah, I see that one for sure in FF1.5. Safari is doing it right so far, as is my in-between version of FF. I've got four browsers open for each little change, but there are definitely some glitches I'm leaving for now because they're the least-offensive of the options. Just in case it doesn't work at all for anyone, you can see a screenshot here:

              http://www.dustrunners.com/pics/sd_d_demo.jpg [dustrunners.com]
              • I like it, though why move the left hand column to the right? Actually, it might look good to get rid of that column and put it all in the header (clunky, but I bet the AMD stuff is sponsor stuff, and they want it visible). I do like the two "story columns" design (and the overall design). Also, are you planning on doing the slashdot logo with the old font? I have the truetype file if you need it. I thought about entering, but alas am too lazy :-)
                • Oh hell, if you have the font, that'd be great. I used to have it, and I've been going through bloody buckets of CDs looking for it (I need an offline Google). If you could send it to my gmail account (mcm.is.now@)... thanks!

                  The left column moving to the right was to give the stories a strong presence (they're the first thing on the left). They were also just "off" on the left. They're not THAT important, once the sections are broken out.

                  I'll try making this one have a black background too. Who knows..
                  • Fonts should be on their way....

                    It is funny that you mention fonts; I am in the process of organizing the ones I have. I will probably post another journal entry soon looking for people to help (once I have weeded out all the blank/crap/broken ones). If you are a font collector, let me know and I will ping you once the site is running. The carrot for helping will be a CD of all the fonts, plus recognition, plus a searchable database of the fonts. Later I will see if I can get people to send me fonts I don't

                    • Thanks very much! The new header should be in there now... also touched up the tagline so it fits better.

                      The font archive idea sounds great... I cycle out the ones I never use anymore from time to time, but then something like this comes along and I end up kicking myself for not making a useful index somewhere.
      • I'm using IE at work. Granted, the actual /. looks pretty bad, too. In IE, the current iteration of slashdot CSS randomly loads pages with everything centered (like the text of journal entries) and does not show the links that allow you to edit or view journals.
  • by Otter ( 3800 )
    I like it except for the black columns on the sides once the sidebars run out...
  • Those little box icons at the end of topic bars are unnecessary.
    I do like the big 5 on the first comment in the leading topic :)
    I wish /. would add notification as to whether a user had achieved excellent karma. Then you could have 3 boxes, for subcriber status/karma status/comment rating. But that's not something you can fix independently.
  • I think it needs more cowbell.
    • My next iteration will include a javascript onLoad routine that cycles all the headers through all the psychedelic colours you can imagine, and strobes the black background at random. I will look into cowbell, but it may require Flash :P
      • Tommy Chong says "Cooooooooool...... duuuuuuuuude."

        snarky geek comment: You could just embed a looping wav... then there'd be no need for flash. ;)

    • I think it needs more cowbell.


      /me goes back to listening to Blue Oyster Cult

      • I was actually listening to Don't Fear the Reaper when I posted that, which is what made me think of it... right now Highway Star by Deep Purple is playing.

        /in a classic rock groove today

  • Perhaps I'm a stick in the mud, but personally I think the current Slashdot design beats all the entries hands down. It's readable, it doesn't get in your way, the font/logo for the word 'Slashdot' is distinctive (better than boring old Helvetica), and the design isn't too "busy" (many of the designs I've seen so far look busy and distract you from the article). The other advantage of a non-busy design is that it looks like a serious work-related website to a passer by when you're at work! (And that's proba
    • I actually agree with you a lot. Not that I'm in any way criticizing the other candidates, but some seem to trade in the Slashdot-ness of the site for things that are very Digg-ish or heavily web 2.0. If I had to pick, I'd rather just take the existing site, add some padding there any there (it's a bit odd in places) and maybe streamline the header (make the logo smaller). It's one of those things where once you really look at all that needs to go into a Slashdot page, you appreciate that there aren't T
      • It just looks very busy, that's all. Possibly the black background is doing a lot of that (it essentially puts stories in their own little 'sub pages' visually - but the current white background of Slashdot doesn't do that; it looks like a single page).

        I am too baffled why some of the designs try to make Slashdot look 'digg'ish: one of the reasons I'm not keen on Digg is that it doesn't look like a coherent website, it looks like a link farm, all automated with no one home - it lacks the human touch that Sl
  • if not, why aren't you rooting for steven segal?

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