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Own a Headcrab!

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  • Oh, the joke ops here are many... let's see...
    1. You mean "plushie" you no 'l' typing goof?
    2. I hate pushy headcrabs, the ones that politely ask to zombify you are so much more likeable.
    3. FK said he's going to order some "pushie" tonight! What will the wife say?
    Ok, I'm done. :-)
    • I fixed it, but some headcrabs can be pushie. Lets face it... the little goobers spend their life trying to hump your head at any moment without even asking permission.
      I heard that some dude named Gordon was calmly walking along a normal town called "Ravenholm" where he was practically 'headraped' multiple times!
      • Would somebody please ask Dr. Kleiner to keep Lamarr locked up when I'm around? When I see a headcrab, I shoot on sight, and I don't give a damn if it's been debeaked or not.

        • Its like the first time I saw shodan in system shock 2. I unloaded an entire shotgun full of ammo before I realized it did nothing.
          • Valve was clever about Lamarr. (Besides the gawdawful pun of his name, that is.) Gordon is never in a position to fire a gun when Lamarr is in the room. The first time you see him is when you first arrive at the lab, before you even have the HEV, let alone a crowbar. Once you're armed, Lamarr only shows up while you're locked in the teleporter. Valve knew that players would go out of their way to shoot the damn thing.

            I was always too low on ammo in SS2. When Shodan appeared, I just said, "Hope it's a cine

      • I heard that some dude named Gordon was calmly walking along a normal town called "Ravenholm"

        Gordon is my first name. Playing Half Life was very immersive as the scientists would look at me and call me "Gordon". The first couple of times were a bit freaky.
        • Hmm I never pictured you as a Gordon; more like a Jerry or maybe a Jason (or maybe a combination of say Jerry Springfield and Jason hockeymaskdude). Speaking of mostly random things with nothing in common, hows the wifey and grublet? (And for gods sakes don't name him Gordon, or is the grublet a she? Damn if I can remember)

          • EvilKim(tm) is doing just fine. She's at 31 weeks as of today. The wee-one is a girl and her name is Anna. We haven't come up with a middle name yet (other than the obvious 'Banana').

            I should JE that someday rather than highjacking this one. ;)
            • Ahh Anna is nice. Just make sure the initials are good (like picking Susan for her middle name if your last name starts with S). Yeah hurry up and write an entry and I will ruminate on good middle names :-)
  • i've owned every headcrab i've ever met. i prefer to use the shotgun.
  • I will definitely get one! Shame they had to wait until the summer to bring these out... *d'oh!*


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