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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Havok Engine a no-go... for now? 7

Wow, I -might- have made a difference to future developers making it into the gaming industry (or, I just got politely brushed off, but I'm thinking positive).
I wrote the following to the business part of the Havok company in order to get a copy of their SDK at a discount for non-commerical use:

My name is Joshua Marotti and I am a professional developer by trade (J2EE Consultant). I am trying to eventually break into the gaming industry, but, as many know, this is a daunting task without previous game developing experience. I would like to evaluate the Havok Game Dynamics SDK individually for the experience of using the SDK. Since I am considering this individually, instead of a company, I am unable to fill out the appropriate form to get an evaluation.
Also, I would like to request that you consider selling a license of the engine for individuals at a much smaller cost than a full license. This license would entail that no proprietary software made with the engine could be sold without a full license being purchased. This way, you have the advantage of individual clients that would sway their employers into using your engine, and the individual clients have the advantage of experience using your engine.
The idea for this licensing scheme comes from how Garage Games ( licenses their torque engine.

Thanks for your time.

Wild thing? It got forwarded to the Manager of the Havok Products. It makes me feel like I actually got some where, as opposed to someone else brushing me off. The reply:

Hi Joshua,

Thank you for your feedback. At the moment, we do not license Havok under an academic license. However, you points below are well taken and will support the case for a low-cost version of our engine for non-commercial use.

Kind regards,
Clare Dillon

Clare Dillon
Havok Product Manager

What do you think?

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Havok Engine a no-go... for now?

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  • I hope you did wake them up a little.
    Sometimes Corps get too caught up in their own business and don't see outside their area. Anyhow, from the tone of her reply, I'd say you have perhaps added a bit of insight, and that's a good thing.

    • Well, I've been thinking of some more ammo I could have used. Like, if I developed the game with a non-commercial license, and it ended up being this wonderful game that I could have sold, I show it off to EA, they like it, and I just have to say "Well, I need a commercial license of Havok to publish it", and what does EA say? "Here's $500,000 to get the license, and we'll publish the game".
      Honestly, I like the idea (especially for engines) of them giving us a free (or inexpensive) engine for non-commercial use, and if something worthy is made, just purchase a commercial license.
      • If you are trying to break into the game industry using an engine, then couldn't you accomplish this using one of the GPLed engines that id has released? You are trying to demonstrate your abilities, not the capabilities of an engine.

        Coincidentally, I sent off my resume along with a copy of a game that I wrote to a game company this week. No reply as of yet. Maybe my little game really sucks. :(

  • The FPS market is clogged right now. In fact I think most markets are. What kind of game are you looking to create?

  • I think your friend needs to learn to read.

    "He wants an academic license. WTF? This is for selling, not spelling!"

    No, he asked for an individual license, you ignorant gleep.

  • think up a company name and get a business licence. Not sure how much it is in Ohio, but here in Albuquerque, $35 and a couple of forms and you are in business!

    Did this several years ago to be able to take advantage of stuff just like you mentioned. Its easy to get all sorts of SDK's(not to mention other free stuff) as long as you have a company.

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