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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Tommy Maddox 4

The word of the day is "Tommy Maddox". Be sure to put it into a sentence today.

He breathed life into Pittsburgh. He is the MVP of the XFL (who said nothing good came out of the XFL??). One weird bit, though. Cowher may not start him next week? I have the feeling that if he starts Kordell, there will be a fan mutany in the city of Pittsburgh.
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Tommy Maddox

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  • You bet there will be mutany, but not for the reason you expect. I plan on leading an army of angry commuters through the stadiums next time I have to sit in traffic because of all the sports fans that have no clue how to drive are all jamming into the streets. Not to mention that the cheapest lots in Pittsburgh go from $3 all day to $12 or $15, which means I have to drive around to the strip and park there, and I get to sit in even more traffic.
  • Or maybe the better question is: Do we take The Bus or Air Mularkey?

    I think Kordell needs one more chance. Notice that the offensive game plan changed when Maddox came in? Suddenly, the Steelers were using the same no-huddle, spread-formation system that had been burning their defense for two weeks. I'd like to see Kordell work with that offense before benching him.

    And he will be benched, because he can't work with that offense. Stewart and Maddox are very different QBs. Stewart is at his best on the move. Combine a good running game with Kordell rolling out or running on play-action, and you've got, well, last year's offense. All these problems with the running game are exposing Kordell's weaknesses: He can't read coverage, he's not accurate, and he still tries too hard to be a pocket passer when he really should run.

    The Steelers need to take what defenses are giving them right now. If what Maddox did yesterday works, use it! And Maddox is the best fit for that system. He's poised, he reads the field well, and, most importantly, hits his receivers right on the numbers, allowing them to make plays. Look at the receivers we have. Burress and Ward are the best pair we've had since Swann and Stallworth. Randel El should be great for Yards After Catch. (He's gonna break off a return for a TD. I can feel it.) And Mathis has turned out to be a good posession receiver. Unfortunately, they can't really show their stuff because they need to make "spectacular" catches to compensate for Kordell's wayward aim.

    One more note, from one of the local morning shows: Remember the last time we had a smart, accurate, but less-than-mobile QB? Some bum named Neil O'Donnell. All he did was take the Steelers to a Super Bowl throwing to flash-in-the-pan stiffs like Yancey Thigpen and Charles Johnson. If only he hadn't taken the money and ran.

  • As it led me to recommend that the line, Steelers giving seven, was too much and to take the Browns. My joy at seeing the game go into OT, thus guaranteeing a win against the spread for the Browns, was a sight to behold.

  • I tried to telepathically tell Mr Cowher to use Tommy Maddox over Kordell with a K at the start of the season, but he didn't listen. I tried again and again in my journal to get the word out. He didn't listen until week 4, causing the poor steelers fans 3 loses. Hopefully things get better in Pittsburgh for them.

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