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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Fight Fight Fight!! 11

Linux vs. Windows fight.
Feel free to jump in!

My favorite part is when I am replied to explaining that if you use Windows, you are an enemy of Linux.
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Fight Fight Fight!!

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  • If you're not with us, you're against us!

    Dual-booters? An abomination against the holy Penguin! Idol worshippers, the lot of 'em. :)
    • Amen, sistah!

      But you imply dual booting is a sin. What do you make of those who tripledecasextuple-boot [slashdot.org].

      Yes, that is a word -- said so -- and because I couldn't find anything better using Google -- take THAT all you "dude, you should have asked google, not ask slashdot" critics!

      • *sigh* -- Slash really needs an "edit" feature. Especially for Journal comments. That should be "because I said so" not just "said so". Now my post doesn't have the intended effect because I was tipsy and hit Save without closely checking the Preview.

        It's hard to be comical when you sound like you speak in non-sequiturs. But then again, some folks like that. I've been known to giggle at them myself.

  • neither works as well or easily as i want it to. and mac only works because you only get to use a very limited amount of hardware / software out there.

    it doesn't matter. use what you like. i dislike microsoft, but like games and how much better a lot of them work in windows. and i hate ms driver hell. i like the principles of linux, but would like to spend more time using it and less time configuring it. if wine always ran windows stuff as well (features + stability) with 90% of the speed, i would never use windows.

    yes i am a transgaming subscriber, though i usually game in windows. i figure if i want winex to get good enough for me to use it more, they need my $5 a month.
  • You want a real OS? Use Banyan Vines. Now that's a real OS. :) Actually, I used banyan for the first four years I was in the military. Banyan is what Novell and MS ripped off. I think MS calls it AD and Novell calls it a tree or something. Last I heard they were doing support for both companies and that's about it.

    Oh, you mean on the desktop? Ah hell, use whatever you want. It doesn't matter to me. Oh, that's the point? Yeah, I know. Some people are just stupid. Funny how you can be smart and stupid at the same time eh?

    Damned whipper-snappers and their silly OS wars :)

    Yeah, I know, not you FK, you've been around a bit. I'm talking the college age new to the real world people that just don't get it yet.TM
    • Oh, wow. Banyan. Now that *does* take me back. But if we're going to get funky, then I'ld bracket it with VMS on the serious side and the TRS Model 100 on the low end. Especially since in those days the same 300 baud modem ( I may still have mine somewhere), addressed by the same AT commands would have been used for both.
      Anybody else miss the days when you could diagnose a connection problem by listening to the modem? ("Oh, sounds like you've got a bad handshake there.")
      BTW, I got my Model 100 by trading it for a Sinclair. I remember at the time being upset because the Sinclair had 2K (yep, K) of RAM while the 100 had only 1.9. But then again, nothing beat sitting in the sun (in 1983!) writing little Basic programs on a computer the size of my hand.
  • I'm not sure why there's so much grumbling in those comments -- it's not even the most labored anti-Microsoft snipe of the last 24 hours. Note last night's "..you will find clear evidence of institutional navel gazing like never before and a staggering ignorance of current technology (much of this seems retreaded) not to mention actual business needs or wants." Hah! Those idiots at Microsoft know nothing about what actual users want!

    Anyway, I thought the Lindows article was a real feel-good piece. It's well-written, by a journalist who is familiar with Linux and gets it but isn't a cheerleader. And it sounds like Lindows works! (To my amazement.) It runs Windows apps reasonably well and seems well set up.

    I've never seen Lindows, like 99.99% of the posters who rant about it, and figured it to be vapor. This could be really, really big.

  • If linux had some production quality audio programs (imho - will never happen) I would ditch windows in a heartbeat. While I believe in open source as a principle, I also understand that a lot of work went into creating the programs I use. These programs prevent me from having to buy the actual hardware synths (for the most part) which cost on average 2x as much as the software.

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