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Star Wars Holiday Special

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  • It was so bad it was good. I remember seeing it way back when it made its one and ony appearance on TV back in '78 or '79. I managed to get a copy a couple of years back - a bit better quality than the YouTube version and almost watchable.

    I can see why George has tried so hard to kill this over the years, but he really should embrace it and include it as an easter egg on the next Star Wars DVD set to come out - that would be so cool. 8^)

    BTW, this Holiday Special was the first appearance of Boba Fett, and wh
  • I couldn't watch it straight through; I had to watch for a minute and then come back here to comment (thus the disjointed comment):

    I can't even get past the introduction of the cast; how did this most horrid of things ever see the light of day? Seriously, I mean who gave this the green light??? Heh George Lucas is listed as an uncredited writer [imdb.com]. Ok gonna go try watching it again. Maybe I should have a few drinks first.

    Ahh made it to the homey wookie scenes. Suddenly the lame ewok teddy bears don't look so b

  • *I* remember watching it on broadcast TV. :D

    I don't remember hating it, but I was about 8 years old and a total Star Wars junkie. My perception might have been skewed. :)

  • Yeah, I saw it. How could we not? We'd stood in the incredibly long lines to see the first Star Wars in the theaters. All I remember of it, having been 9 or 10 I think, is a wookie family gathering.
  • I remember being all of 10 or 11 when this aired (77 or 78? I can't recall which). I could not wait to watch it. I couldn't sleep nights in anticipation. The younger crowd may not get that there was pretty much fuck-all for watching TV programs independent of broadcast and cable TV. VCRs and laser-discs were pretty much a plaything of the rich, which we distinctly weren't. So it was a mega-big deal to get something Star Wars-like on TV.

    Boy, did this thing ever blow chunks. It was the Carol Burnett

  • That is the worst thing I have ever seen. Can't imagine HOW Lucas approved that mess.
  • I actually bought this from a Canadien movie place as a Christmas present for a friend. We watched it straight through, laughing and cringing all the way. Perhaps one of the most awful things I have ever had the displeasure to sit through, yet somehow its hard to stop looking...
  • Wow. I only made it as far as the "stir, whip, beat" section and lost patience but I'm definitely going to have to track down a more hi-res version.

    I'm impressed. It's truly foul. A perfect addition to my collection of Throw Popcorn At The Screen (TPATS) videos. Maybe once I've joined the Portland Browncoats [pdxbrowncoats.com] I can suggest a mass viewing and round of derision. Not only that, some of that dialogue will make great samples, if only to post the next time George L. tries peddling that Iron John/Campbell/Universal

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