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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Doom, the Movies 12

Looks like Warner Brother's are interested in buying the film rights to Doom from id Software. Most games turned movies haven't turned out good, but seeing that Doom doesn't have an incredible plot, writers can just put their own plot in. Why hasn't Duke Nukem or Halflife been looked at to be made into movies??

Was rejected, so I'm guessing its in the queue.
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Doom, the Movies

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  • It usually works out better if the movie comes first and then the video game in my opinion.

    I thought Mortal Kombat 1 was pretty cool, and Tomb Raider wasn't bad.. but all the other ones in my were pretty lame. (Cloak & Dagger from the 80's was also excellent, anyone remember that one?).

  • Was cloak and daggre the one where a little kid has a game cartridge with a set of secret military plans embedded in it. I love that movie, expecially the part where the bad guys bring out the "Big Gun" and it's just an uzi with silencer.

    As for Doom, if they make it a 2 hour firefight, it would still be a good movie. Add the right music and actors, get some really good special effects guys, and people will go see it for the same reason that they play the games, to see shit blow up.

  • i don't seem to care how bad a movie looks. if i liked the game at all, i simply cannot resist the urge to see the film version.

    id hired science fiction writer Matthew Costello to pen the story for doom 3, so there may be more of a story now than there was originally. they keep saying it will have suspense in addition to the action because they want it to be scary.

    but honestly, it would only have to be as good as resident evil to make me happy.
    • but honestly, it would only have to be as good as resident evil to make me happy

      Go to your local video game store.
      Find the "EA Classics" display.
      Pick up a copy of System Shock 2 (it'll be somewhere between $5 and $15).

      Resident Evil can't hold a dime to SS2 as far as scary and suspenseful.
      • thanks for the tip. i'll check it out.

        i meant resident evil the movie. if doom 3 the game does not kick the ass clean off of resident evil the game, i will be quite put out. id hasn't ever disappointed me yet, so i expect a lot from their games.
        • I can hardly see how it will fail. Have you seen the screenshots? I'm timing the purchase of my next system to coincide with Doom3!
          • I'm timing the purchase of my next system to coincide with Doom3!

            i as well. or at least the schedules seem to coincide, and this fact pleases me. it is difficult to hold back with upgrades, but i think i will thank myself when doom 3 comes out.
  • by red5 ( 51324 )
    I just hope they get a different writer than the hack that did the books. The first two were alright but the third [] and fourth [] were just crap.

    Wow, I just saw the prices. Apparently they went out of print and became collectors items. Time to find mine and put them on ebay. The funny thing is the two good ones are cheep 1.50 and 3 bucks, but the bad ones are going for like 20 and 30 bucks. I guess there aren't a lot of surviving copies ( people kept throwing them away ).
  • That game has an incredible story line. I'd love to see a movie made from it. But you're right, they'd probably botch it.

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