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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Lent, the final list 10

Here's my lent list. If I don't respond to any comments (in here or outside here), note that its because I'm asleep or its not after the kids go to sleep.

Without further ado:
  • Daily stuff:
  • No surfing the web at work
  • No computer or TV until kids go to bed on weekdays
  • No games until the weekend night (after 8pm). Program, work, watch TV, read, etc...
  • Exercise daily. Even if its just walking the stairs at work
  • Play the trumpet at least 30 minutes a day (get ready for sisters wedding).
  • Once kids go to bed, clean upstairs and take dog out before going downstairs (we have a finished basement that got converted to a master suite so the kids have our old bedroom for a playroom).
  • Before Lent Ends:
  • Back in Catholic Church
  • There will be a place for EVERYTHING in the house (My house always looks chaotic, even when clean. The reason is that I don't have an 'away place' for everything).
  • Clean and organize workbench
  • Clean and organize garage
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Lent, the final list

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  • I don't suppose unread fits in there does it? :-)
    • One of the bullet points:
      No games until the weekend night (after 8pm). Program , work, watch TV, read, etc...
    • This reply is actually pointed at FortKnox, but I figured I would reply to *no comment* to include him in on the fun too.

      I just noticed DesScorp's lament [slashdot.org] and it got me to thinking about Unread, which got me to looking for your last Unread journal entry (from '04), which made me cry like a little girl until I found your latest lent journal entry (and *no comment*'s comment). What about launching Unread with some other blog-type engine until you can write what you really want it to look like?

      As an aside, a ni

  • Crap...no snacking today. I still have to eat my breakfast though...

    And I guess I should shut this dang browser down.

    This is going to be tough for me.

    Sean D.
  • Good for you. I hope that thta works out for you. I have started trying to make myself be productive instead of merely watching tv or playing a video game. So I'm either learning python, writing, or reading.

    I am curious as to how your re-aquaitence with the Catholic Church goes. I was raised Catholic for a while before my parents became more spiritual than religious. While I'm not particularly either, I find the only consistent draw is to Catholicism- likely because of the upbringing.

    Inquiring mind

    • Well, I'm already confirmed... so all I really need to do is go to confession and the rest is peaches. Still haven't talked to a priest about the christian (not catholic) marriage and the unbaptised kids, but I'll keep ya in the loop.
  • made it through the day without surfing...

    There's a caveat though, I still get online to look up work related stuff, like server patches.

    Today wasn't to hard. but 39 more days?

    Sean D.
    • The worst is lunch. I pack and eat at my desk. I turned on firefox 3 times and had to shut it down before I typed in a URL. Been rough, but ultra productive.

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