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Bellus, this is for you

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  • Now that would be funny. I think my boyfriend would get a kick out of telling people that his girlfriend takes Viagra.

    I wonder if a side effect would be that I'd be going around all day with a fem-boner.
  • I'll have to send this on to my wife.
  • they'd find something to treat the cause instead of the symptoms.
    • Aw, quicherbitchin'. Free Viagra for us, man! w00t!


      Ethelred "Leaning Tower of Pisa" Unraed

    • its like diabetes... auto immune disorders. Dunno why they happen... dunno how to fix'm. Once someone finds a cure for one, odds are, they'll be able to fix'm all.
      • They *think* it's an autoimmune disorder. Maybe I'll go to med school and find out what's going on and fix it.
        • No, they know it's an autoimmune disorder and have known it for some time. [] (That's why it responds to immunosuppressives, for example, and why immune stimulators also make it worse.)

          What they don't know is what triggers it. Apparently there are some genetics involved, but it's not a straight "you have the gene, you will get it" type of deal. Until they know what triggers it, they most likely won't find a cure -- not unless some researcher gets incredibly lucky. Right now one 'good guess' is that autoimmun

          • If it's "genetic", I think it's probably something along these lines. []

            I don't know enough about the medical terminology to know why I feel that specifically labeling it as autoimmune isn't quite right. I need to learn more about those terms, I suppose. And I still don't trust the CCFA, even though it seems like they're on the right track. I'd feel better if they'd not have drug-related sponsors.

            • As it happens, I've read any number of journal articles and books about Crohn's and try to keep up with it as best as I can.

              "Autoimmune" simply means that the immune system attacks otherwise healthy tissue, causing various symptoms around the body depending on what tissue it is that is being attacked. Thus in a diabetic's case, the immune system runs amok and gradually disables the pancreas.

              In Crohn's case, the disease is more wide-ranging -- not only does it affect the bowel, but potentially all mucous

              • I'd still prefer drugs that focus on the cure rather than the symptoms. And I'd prefer them to be open to all forms of treatment, not just drugs.

                But that's just me.

                And I'd say that it's absolutely not in the interest of the drug companies to make drugs that work. If they did, people would be cured and stop buying them. It's the one area of my life that I'm cynical to a fault. Well, that and government, but the government doesn't make my intestines bleed.

                Thanks for the explanation. I still need to lear

      • of course if any 'said' diseases are the result of TSE's [] cures may not be so easily produced.

        I guess we'll never know unless someone goes around eating dead suffers of diabetes or crohn's ;)

        figuring out what ailments are cause by self replicating protiens, and figuring out a treatment for them would be a major medical breakthrough, though.

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