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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Quickie JE 6

OK, its not quite 11, yet. I have my yearly review at noon. Already seen my peer review, which was great (scores of 0-5, 5 being good. One 5, Lowest was 3.7, all others where in the mid 4s). This past year I've really been a go getter and really busted my ass to put myself in as many projects and meetings and everything possible. Just part of my plan to try to get up in the business and be someone important in the company. Hopefully it pays off in less than an hour and a half. Looking for a promotion and large raise. Here's hopin...

Oh, and while I have your attention, Jenna turned 1 this past Sunday. She's already walking like a champ (doesn't even crawl, anymore... much much further ahead than her brother at this time). She got two shots in the leg, yesterday (but she seems to have forgiven me for holder her down for it). In the 90 percentile for height and all that, but 20th for weight. Not even 20lbs, yet. She's been our petite little girl the whole time. Which is the exact opposite of Joey, who was in the 95th in weight until he was like 2.

Anywho, hope your day is going good.

Oh, and is anyone else having trouble with gmail??
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Quickie JE

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  • and happy belated to lil Jenna.
  • No probs with gmail. More probs with /. throwing errors the past couple of days.

    Had my review on Tuesday. Rocked it. Was nice to hear from my boss that I'm kicking ass and that he's really, really pleased with having hired me. So I know how you (will hopefully) feel.

    Good luck, Josh. Maybe after you move up you can finish Unread.

    HA! I keed. I don't actually care anymore, I just realised. :)

  • *puff*
    was it good for you? :)
  • I was having issues this morning, but they've cleared up. Try connecting directly to the IP (
  • How did the review go?
  • You know, I used to be real concerned with the company ladder, promotions, etc., but as I get older I find that I really don't give a crap anymore. I still want to do a good job, but the higher I manage to claw my way up ladder the dirtier I feel.

    I have made a decision that it just ain't worth it anymore. I will stick with being a technical contributor, which is really what makes me happier. I really think that the reason that there is a Peter Principle is that only incompetent slugs are happy to cont

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