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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Lent 2006 14

A week from tomorrow (3/1) is Lent.
So, I'm starting to think of what I'm giving up. A couple years ago, I gave up caffeine and never turned back. Ended up being a great choice for me.
Last year I gave up surfing the net during work. This made me ultra productive at work. I'm going to try it again this year and see if I can carry it out after Lent.

The only other thing I am considering is going back to the Catholic church. I've been meaning to do it, but I haven't setup a meeting with a priest to see what I have to do about my marriage and kids. My marriage was never overseen by a Catholic priest and my kids aren't baptised in the Catholic faith. If that ends up being a whole ton of issues, this quest will end up short. Otherwise, I'll be attending two churches each weekend: The Christian service I currently go to (wife's faith), and the Catholic mass.
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Lent 2006

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  • I suggest you ask around, and find a parish that kind of mirrors your wife's faith. After that, it's a simple matter to begin the move back to the Mother Church- and if you really want the Sacrament of Marriage as opposed to just the mixed marriage you have, it's possible to have the marriage blessed.
  • Q:Why is the RC church Lead free ,
    a:Because they have a lot of Catholitic converters
  • I certainly didn't have any problems when I took the kids for the baptism and confirmation. I'm the non-Catholic one, and the parish and the priest was completely fine with me having no intention of "converting" so long as their father and the selected godparents were Catholic.

    I must say I didn't even mind the sermons (the kids attended classes while the adults were in mass) because the parish priest that held that mass was a very people person. He would meet and greet before the mass, wander around as he
  • Maybe they won't recognize your marriage and you can marry a second wife in a Catholic ceremony? Might be worth asking about anyway :-D
  • But at my church, they are promoting a program called "Catholics Can Come Home Again", for exactly your situation. So I would guess that there would not be serious issues; the pastor of the parish that you would be joining likely has a lot of discretion. So a lot might depend on finding the right parish.

    As far as giving up for Lent is concerned, I don't have many target things myself. So I'm trying to think of something positive that I can do, that might involve some sacrifice of time. Haven't come up
  • and with out my catechism [christusrex.org] with me...

    You going back is no big deal. Unless you formally renounced your faith, you are still "officially" Catholic. (same situation I'm in) Now, you got some serious Reconcilliation to do. ;->

    As far as the kids being baptised, not an issue. As far as the RC church is concerned, a baptism is a baptism, is a baptism. (Within limits. The baptising church needs to hold certain compatable views with the RC church - JC is the divine son of God, the Trinity, etc) Catechism #1271 [christusrex.org] (a
  • The rules for marriage under RCC canon law are a bit complicated. Certainly because you married a non-Catholic, technically you may need to have a bit of a chit-chat for doing so because you didn't seek a dispensation to marry. (This is a Bad Thing(TM) because "once a Catholic, always a Catholic," unless you formally renounced your faith -- so you did something Not Allowed by marrying outside the Church without permission.) As it is, you will have to extract a promise from your spouse to raise the children
  • I've been sketchy about lent since college. I was on my high horse during school, not really wanting to do anything with lent, church...whatever.

    Now though, especially with recent events, things are definitely different.

    I'll probably give up something this year, even if I don't go for the ashes. The "surfing at work" maybe a good one to give up. I'd keep my internet radio going. I can work and listen. But /. would definitely be off limits.

    It would probably force me to be more organized. Half the tim
  • Having just attended a circumcision this morning, I'd suggest you may want to take Judaism off the table. On the plus side, though, you do get bagels.
  • i think what you should ask your priest is about getting your marriage 'blessed'. the more learned catholics will know more though ...

    as for lent ... last year, i quit smoking and some other little things

    but, you can also *start* doing something ... start volunteering somewhere, taking your kids out every saturday, etc etc

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