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  • i'm tempted to go through and put first post on all of them. only 2 have any comments at all.
  • Well, they're nothing like actual articles. They're clearly ads (and they're not mixed with actual stories). But they're ads you can post comments on -- sounds like a good development to me.
  • I wonder what they're paying for that. I also wonder if anybody sees any of it. Have any of these shown up outside of the vendors section?
    • if you 'friend' AMD all the AMD ads show up in your 'my amigo's' pages, usually in streaks of 3-10 'ads' at a time so far i've only noticed AMD doing the ads, but then again i friended amd, because in many ways i am an amd fanboy... although i'm a bit more even headed nowadays and see the value that intel provides. i still make itanic jokes, though, and routinely point out that 'intel is only keeping it's performance margins close by shrinking it's die process faster than amd' intel has pretty much always
  • by OctaneZ ( 73357 )
    at least they are blatant, it's not like they are trying to hide them thankfully. But I guess the slashvertisement has finally arrived.
  • I wrote on a bunch of the early ones, a week ago when they were new.
    Got some points off them, too :)
    Might be easier to check out my comments starting Jan. 31 -- they show up as JEs on my list.
  • I noticed that "Vendors" link on the left sidebar the other day, but didn't look into it. None of it is being included on the main page, at least for us non-subscribers.

    What worries me, though, is this story on Skype's new Intel-specific features. [] I figured that this was easily front-page material. There's an interesting debate there about Intel's contribution to Skype, and the line between Intel protecting their investment and AMD users being limited for marketing purposes. But when it's submitted and sp

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