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Journal FortKnox's Journal: [Football] Champeeeeens! 29

Yeah, you're waiting for it. Superbowl champions! The Steelers are the best team in the world!!!
Two quick things:
If you are Seattle and bitching about the calls, the Steelers have had worse calls throughout the playoffs and STILL won (see Indy vs Pitt in divisional round if you don't believe me).
Two, if you are a Bengals fan whining cause "if Carson wasn't injured, we'd be in the Superbowl" quit getting ahead of yoruself. You don't have the run defense to handle Indy, Denver, OR Seattle. Next year, though, you should be a contender.

I'm wiped out, so I'll just end it.

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[Football] Champeeeeens!

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  • Pee

    • I have to say, I haven't seen the Steelers much, but one thing really impressed me.

      No fucking showboating. No dancing, jumping or acting out some little "improvised" skit. Just get the ball into the endzone, put it down, and go back and do it again.

      That alone makes me want to watch them next year.

      Good game.
    • You forgot "Aitch", much in the same manner that Bush forgot Poland.

      -Ab (Us 'Burghers take the unique spelling of our hamlet seriously)
  • Congrats.
    Yeah, two VERY weak calls (whenever Seattle was threatening, boy those refs had a flag handy.) Effectively, that was 14 points. I saw Hines Ward get a key first down after a push off that made the one in the end zone look like a walk-by. Hey, the refs have to make money to, right?
    But they got it done despite Ben's slow start.
    Hey, I like Cowher and the Rooneys. I just can't believe that Tommy Maddox is getting a Super Bowl ring.
    Again, congrats.

    BTW what is up with Holmgren and poor clock manageme
    • It was just awful listening to Madden call the right plays for Seattle (spike! go for the FG NOW!) and seeing Seattle pay no attention to the clock. Seriously, WTF?

      Great game by Pittsburgh, though. Really loved the Randle El TD throw. Put him at QB and Big Ben at free safety for a down or two, see what happens!

      • Ben was definitely laying some hits out there.
        And Madden was showing why he is a HOF coach.

        You know, 'gadget' plays are one reason I like Cowher. As meat and potatoes (boy I'm mixing's late) anyway, as meat and potatoes as he is, he still mixes is up and does try to innovate (cf. Slash).

        Overall solid game. Pittsburgh stayed in it even after a rocky start and finished the deal. Very good game.
        But Holmgren should get ripped for that lack of clock management.
        • Ya, I agree about Madden. I didn't see the game (had work to do and anyway kickoff was at midnight here), but I've always thought he made a good commentator just because of his coaching skills. Of course, I do get the impression he was a lot better with Summerall, who kept him from running his mouth too much with inane banter, but Madden does know the game like few other people.

          Hell, he thoroughly out-coached my hero Joe Gibbs in the Super Bowl XVIII, and Gibbs is one of the other few people who know the

          • Hell, he thoroughly out-coached my hero Joe Gibbs in the Super Bowl XVIII

            And I hereby demonstrate that I should post after having a gallon of coffee.

            Well, I just proved that Madden knows the game better than I do. ;-P

            (Madden didn't coach the Raiders in XVIII. That was Flores. Eessh, I'm going to crawl under my rock now.)



            • No worries. Most of us try to forget Flores who also beat my Iggles in XV with Plunkett at QB (and the game's MVP.)

              Alright, trivia time. The only Iggle to catch a TD in that Super Bowl was Keith Krepfle...great bar trivia in its own right, however, the hint to give is that Mick Jagger wore his jersey during the '83 'Tattoo You' tour. Most folks thought it was a Jets uni, but it wasn't.

              Don't you feel enriched?
              • Heh. Yeah, I actually dimly remember the bit about the jersey, and being surprised at how many people couldn't recognize an Eagles jersey in spite of their having just been in the Super Bowl.

                Your remark above about Cowhen's gadgetry in playcalling reminds me, though, that Gibbs also used to like to use off-the-wall plays -- remember the flea flicker?

                Of course unfortunately for Gibbs, he used it a couple times too many, and it backfired in XVII. (The 'Skins still won, but that play was a rather ingloriou

  • Say whatever you want.

    It still wasn't a TD. And it never will be.
    • The ball crossed the line. But the Seahawks' TD was also a TD, and they shouldn't have made that lame offensive interference call. (Steelers would have won anyway, but they sure gut help from the officials.)
  • As a Titans fan, I was torn who to root for. On the one hand, I have no great love for the Steelers, but on the other hand they were the AFC representative. To be honest, if you had asked me before the game who I would rather have seen win then my answer would have been the Seahawks, because I think their fans deserved some success at last: over the years, there have been some truly awful Seahawks teams.

    But, having said that, it was nice to see loyalty rewarded. Watching the international broadcast (truly a
    • jeez, I thought I was the only titan's fan on the dot. Its still going to be rough next year from the looks of things. What's your call on moving up to get young or bush at the 2. Getting young will piss off volek, but I don't see him as a long term solution.
      • Heh, I thought I was the only Titans fan around here too.

        Billy Volek is touted as being one of the best backup QBs in the league, but I remember the same thing being said about Cody Carlson when he was Warren Moon's backup back when the team was in its final few years in Houston.

        What happened then is a lesson that needs to be learnt: given the choice of continuing with a productive Moon (it wasn't solely his fault that the team was prone to self-destructing in the playoffs) or going with the younger Carlson
  • I am annoyed at the calls. The fact of the matter is that there was 2 significant ones that really could have effected the game. The other fact is that the Steelers played a better game and deserved to win though. Congrats. Same time next year? :-)
  • and yeah bad calls by officials influenced the flow of the game, but i saw many many drives and opportunities for the seahawks to get it done anyways. they let opportunity slip through their fingers. i'm kinda glad that your coach doesn't have his 'yeah but' hanging over his head anymore. first superbowl win for the longest tenured head coach in nfl history... pretty impressive that he kept his job as long as he has.

    I'm glad my predition of the coin toss went the way i said it would ;)
    • first superbowl win for the longest tenured head coach in nfl history

      He's the longest tenured head coach of the same team in the nfl, currently. Holgren started the same time as Cowher, and Chuck Noll still was head coach longer than Cowher.
      • ah, okay, well thanks for clearing that up. if the seahawks stay a strong team next season they may well have another shot at a superbowl again soon, the NFC isn't as hard a conference as the afc, and i don't know what their schedule is like either...

        paul allen certaintly has the money to spend on the team (where caps don't prevent it) the steelers have gone a long way with cowher i'm pretty sure he'll be one of those names like lombardi that people just can't forget.
  • I did consider attempting to avoid finding out the result until someone deigned to show the game on UK terrestrial television (probably sometime in the next few weeks), but decided it wouldn't work, so I gave in and read .../my/amigos. Congratulations.
    • The game was live on ITV.

      With the exception of Gary Imlach in Detroit, their coverage was awful (everything from their presenters to their taking the dire NFL International feed), and it almost had me wishing that I was still paying a silly amount for my full Sky subscription.

      It puts the bad old years of Mick Luckhurst's woeful presenting on Channel Four into perspective. Come back Mick, all is forgiven.
      • Arse! I checked the TV listings last week to see if it would be on, and at the time, it was only going to be shown on Five and one of the Sky Sports channels, neither of which I can receive. Looks like I could have watched it after all :-(

        It even had Gabby Logan presenting. She may have been dire for all I know, but as eye candy goes, I've got no complaints...

  • On the one play where one of the Seahawks, (Hasselback maybe?), was touched by a Steeler, a second later he fell. I thought the rule was he needed to be touched AFTER his knee hit the ground? He wasn't. The ball then popped out and the Steelers recovered.

    FK, any thoughts? You know the rules way better than I do.

    The Steelers touchdown was questionable, but I couldn't really see and evidence from the replay that could reverse the call. I would have liked to have seen some thing more definitive.

    The push
    • On the one play where one of the Seahawks, (Hasselback maybe?), was touched by a Steeler, a second later he fell. I thought the rule was he needed to be touched AFTER his knee hit the ground? He wasn't. The ball then popped out and the Steelers recovered.

      If you are touched and then fall down as one clean sequence such that the touch may have helped you go down, you are down by contact.

      For example, say you are touched and you stumble but don't fall, then regain your footing and continue running. If

  • But Big Ben cinched how overrated he is.
  • Real happy for the Steelers (and a little sad). Sad for the Seahawks, they were just terrible and yet they blame the refs. Lost some respect for Mike Holmgren.

    The Steelers played the better game and deserved to win. The more I learn about the Steelers and their organization the more I become convinced they are the best in the NFL and everything that is right about sports. Real glad to see Cowher get that monkey off his back, I always thought those people criticized Cowher were idiots. Sadly, people see

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