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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Finally SS2'ing it again! 6

Woot! I got System Shock 2 up and running again. I'm playing it like I did the first time (as a navy officer, no psyonics, learning tech more than weapons), except I'm playing it on "impossible". Wow, is it hard, but spooky and fun, just like it used to be. I haven't gotten to the matron mother's yet, so it isn't too terrible. I played it at night and jacked up the volume (not to much, though. Joey was asleep).

I had the pyramid show on in the background (WHAT A WASTE!), so I didn't have full attention on the game. Can't wait to get further into it tonight (didn't even finish the first deck, yet) :-D
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Finally SS2'ing it again!

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  • ...I should reinstall it myself. With my GeForce4, it should play incredibly well. I've been meaining to re-install my copy for a while now. I haven't yet seen a 3D game to match it in immersability, in plot, nor in gameplay. I was entranced by this game. I didn't stop playing it for weeks.

    Why can't more games be like this?

    • If you've played through it several times, just go for the 'impossible' level of play to relive the fear aspect :-)

      Also, if you are interested in a multiplayer co-op (d/l the patch from irrational games), just gimmie a buzz. You know my email.
      • I've played it through a couple of times. By no means does this qualify my sorry ass for the 'impossible' level unless I want to sign myself up for Masochists Anonymous sometime in the near future.

        I like the fear aspect. I dislike twitch games where the person with the fastest keyboard/mouse reflexes win. I dislike most FPS games for that reason, where reflexes reign supreme and strategy and tactics amount to nothing (unless you're playing multiplayer and even then...) -- don't get me wrong, I still play FPS games, if only in the hopes of seeing how intelligently they have developed (see what I mean about masochism?) -- but I'm not really all that good.

        With that said, unless your ping is under 250, I'd probably 0wn you. Sometimes being an LPB gives me a real perverse degree of satisfaction. ;D

        I'll keep ya in mind. Now I think it's time for me to really dig out those discs!

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