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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Welcome to the bandwagon! 24

There is plenty of room, right here. Sorry, all outta Roethlisberger jerseys, you'll have to settle with the Cedrick Wilson jersey.

Oh, before I get into it, I'd like to make a big shout of "FUCK YOU" to the referees and all of Mr.Taglibue "Colts Rulings." Steelers 1, Refs 0 you bitches.

So, I watched the game with the most anticipation and anxiety I have ever had. Completely pumped up, woke both my kids up from their naps, and even made Joey cry when they sacked Manning on the 1 on fourth down (you know, then the game was "over"). Then after the fumble, I started screaming again, but since the wife calmed him down, he just joined in screaming random words. When Vandy missed that FG (most accurate kicker in history that hasn't had a clutch kick in his career), I think we scared the neighbors...

Anyhow, if there are any Bronco fans out there, be scared... cause the refs like the passing teams, not the running teams, so we are on even ground, now :D

After the game, I saw one of my fav comics, Ralphie May. He was fantastic (his part of the show was only supposed to last 45 mins ended up lasting 2.5 HOURS!), and he is one of those down to earth guys. IE - when doing the sales pitch on his DVD, he says "You know a friend that would want this? Burn him a copy... I don't give a shit. Just give it to him and say 'this muthafucker is fuckin funny'!"

Anywho, feel free to jump on the "Steelers superbowl win" bandwagon. Next stop, Denver.
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Welcome to the bandwagon!

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  • I was so stoked to see the Patriots and the Colts both lose.

    Denver/Pitt will be a great game.
    Carolina/Seattle will be a great game.

    Too bad I really don't have an interest in any of those teams.

    I'd love to see (no offense, FK) a NFC team win the Super Bowl cause of how much flack they got this year for being "the weaker division".

    Great game for your team, congrats dude.
  • Yay! The Steelers are my favourite baseball team.

    (did I do good?)
  • for the game saving tackle.

    Bummer that my Skins won't face the Steelers in the super bowl, though. It would have been another good defensive struggle.

  • :) Congrats. Thanks for yer boys beating the colts.

    I ain't jumping onto no fucking steelers bandwagon though. not gonna happen today, tomorrow, or ever. the bears always were and always will be my boyz. someday, they'll win a postseason game.

    like em said in his je, they did very well this year, for that, i'm happy.

    good luck to your guys. :)
  • the Browns fan in me was wanting the colts to win =-)

    the colts looked lost out there, like they where not prepared. Didn't dungy drive home what a tough team the steelers are?

    Congrats steelers. I don't mind giving you guys props because you can't help but notice how well the team is run.

    because of historical reasons, Please beat the freaking donks into a pulp.

  • Pittsburg winning, especially the end was excellent.
    but the only team in the playoffs that i cared about were Da Bears.
    Except for tillman on smith it was a good game by them.

    Anyway not interested in what happens now. not even going to watch.

    Cheers Football Fans.
    Next year the Raiders will rise from the dust.
    wait, is there anything lower than dust? cause thats where they are at now.
  • >

    perhaps the fans should start he SUCKS.
  • I feel like a fool for not picking the Steelers. I know, just about everybody picked the Colts and there is nothing to be ashamed of but I thought at the beginning of the week that Pittsburgh had the best chance of any road team to win but I still picked the Colts. I post my picks on Thursday. By kick off I thought the Steelers were going to win, just a gut feeling, but it is not fair to go back and change my pick so I rode it out.

    Kudos to the Steelers and their fans. Not too many people seemed to belie
    • I want to say the bronco's scores all came on turnovers inside the 20 yard line (two on the 1 yard line).
      • Their first 24 points came on three "drives" of less than 20 yards, and one of 40 that included 39 penalty yards. They did not look impressive; the Patriots basically handed them the game. No way at all they would win without four of those five turnovers. I'm not a Pats fan; Denver just did not play like a playoff team from what I saw.
      • I would certainly describe their touchdown drives that way. Not totally correct because of that big pass interference call but why split hairs. Looks like they had to do a little more work for their field goals but I guess that is why they were field goals.

        I don't know if this is good or bad but the biggest difference between the Broncos and Steelers might be their uniforms! With the Bus fumbling like that and Pittsburgh still winning the game, I can't pick against them now.
        • That fumble wouldn't even be if the refs made the polamalu int call right.
          • I am going back and forth on that interception. I thought it was clearly an interception at the time. Then from the television talking heads I came to understand the rule that he needs both feet on the ground to establish possession-- which makes less sense the more I think about it. Now I just read [] that it was a judgement call! So now I am back to thinking it was an interception.
          • Which interception call right? The one at the end where they ruled it a catch but then it got challenged by the Colts and overturned or the earlier one where they ruled it a no-catch so it couldn't be challenged by the Steelers?

            Let's not even get started on the lack of interference calls or the "no safety" call. Little hint for the refs, even if his knee goes down on the 6" line, if the ball is in the endzone, that's a safety.

            • I was referring to the overturned one. You know, the 'theres no question thats not an int' call. I can 'see' the other calls as being bad. But that overturned int is just a flat out blatant 'keep the colts in this' call.
  • When VanderJaackt (or however you spell that funky Dutch name) came up to kick my first thought was of his comments a couple years back where he called out Manning and Dungy about not having a winning spirit and not being tough enough to win. So here's his chance to give them and opportunity and he butchers it. Badly. Ironic, no?

    I am still not on the Steeler's bandwagon, but I will be pulling for them against Denver. I was neutral in the Indy Steelers game, but slightly shaded towards Indy because I h

    • Yeah, no NE is definitely a good thing.

      Now Tom Brady can get an early start on his lectures about how people need to learn to respect the Patriots and how other teams should not talk about them.

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