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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Football: Div Playoffs 12

My predictions:
Steelers over Colts
Denver over Pats
Seattle over Washington
Chicago over Carolina

Steelers over Colts? Yeah, I'm picking my team. Now I'll tell you why:
Ben is playing a lot less gimpy than the first time they met-up. This was when he first got his thumb problem. He threw a couple picks in that game, but hasn't done much worse since then.
The Steelers won't be playing nickle and sitting back in big zones against Peyton. That's how they started off against Indy last time, and got ran over.
Besides the first play (botched coverage by Ike Taylor), and the botched onside kick, the Steelers defense kept the Colts to nothing but FGs.
The Steelers are extra prepped against the noise, which was why they couldn't get the running game going.

If the Steelers can just keep the game within 7 going into the 4th quarter, the upset would be complete. Cause the 4th quarter is when the defenses are worn down, and you can run up and down them.
And lets not forget the golden rule: The Bill Cowher 11-point rule! Whenever the Steelers (under Cowher) have a lead of at least 11 any time during the game, their record is 101-1-1. I really feel like the Steelers can pull this one off...

Pats at Denver? My gut tells me the Pats, but I can't have the 5th&6th both upsetting the 1&2.
I don't think Washington is consistent enough to take out the Seahawks, and I don't think Carolina has an offense that can score on the Bears defense.

If I'm 4-0 on picks, the rest go like this:
Steelers over Denver
Seattle over Bears
Steelers blowout Seattle.
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Football: Div Playoffs

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  • Steelers over the Colts. Yeah, I'm picking my team. Now I'll tell you why:

    Cause you root for your hometeam dude, it's what we do. Even when we figure they'll get shellacked. ;) Ok, now to read the rest of the entry.
    • To be honest, I've been thinking it'll be a long shot until I really studied the stats and stuff of the first matchup. If the Steelers can get up early, I'll be hootin and hollarin. If they don't, I'll quietly try to contain myself until the offense gets grooven, or the defense gets takeoverhappy.
      • Trust me, I want your Steelers to win.

        Not that my Bears have much of a chance against any AFC team, but it would certainly help. For all the interceptions the D gets, they are not good against the pass.
      • Keep this in mind, too. The first game against the colts, they KNEW Ben couldn't throw the deep ball cause of his thumb. Indy stacked 9 in the box and stuffed the running game because they had *NO* fear of the play-action. Their corners could play man and jump the short routes, knowing full well that any deep ball would be under thrown and they'd have time to recover. That's not going to be the case this time.

        The 2 keys to this game will be:
        1. Can the Steelers run enough to make th
      • And if they can get lucky and get another late hit, cheap shot on the QB, they should be good, too.
        I still can't figure out why there wans't a flag on that play. Sorry. Late AND low. Excuse one if you want, but not both, even 'accidental'. People don't jump offsides on purpose.

        Pats win.
        Seahawks win.
        Carolina wins.

        I would love to see an NFC East team do something. Kind of surprised two of them are still in it.
        But seriously, this is a weak Steelers team.
  • It's not so much that I can't see Pittsburgh winning as I can't see the Indy losing. The Steelers, at least to my eye, didn't look like they were in control of the Cincy game until the 4th quarter. I just don't see Indy having the same struggles. I see the same issues pacing NE as well. They might be good, but they have just extended too much energy to get where they are. One v. Two Championship games are, I think, in order.
    • What I really like about the Steelers is that they are pretty much the same team that steam-rolled what seemed to be the NFL best teams early last season. We all know that they looked like crap in the playoffs last year but they were beat up by then. The only thing that I do not like about the Steelers right now is that I am not sold on their running game- I like that power running game they had early last year with Duce Staley. Bettis can still get the hard yards with someone on his back but to a lesser
  • Colts over Steelers
    Pats over Broncos
    'Skins over 'Hawks
    Panthers over Bears

    Colts over Pats.
    Panthers over 'Skins.

    Colts over Panthers.

    I go with the coaches I have more Big Game faith in. I think this plays into how many mistakes the players will make (it always seems to filter down). I trust Belichick, Gibbs, Dungy and Fox. The first two, obviously, but the second have show to have incredible guile for making teams work although cursed with a major deficiency (TB having no QB play, injuries or no option othe
    • Well one of us is wrong, there, Mr.Pick-the-opposite-of-FK
      A 6 has never beaten a 1, but you take Gibbs over Holmgren? That's a tough call to make, dude. And Dungy has been a chokester when it comes to postseason. He has a hell of a team, which is why if they beat the Steelers, I think they could take it all.... but if they have to play the Pats, all bets are off...
      • Well one of us is wrong, there, Mr.Pick-the-opposite-of-FK

        Of course I made my picks earlier this week in Em's journal so you're just the opposite of me ;p Hello, bizarro-sielwolf!

        Gibbs made his bones in Super Bowls with different QBs and RBs. Holmgren has one ring thanks to Brett Favre and Reggie White. Also the DC defense is playing the best of any unit right now. The Seahawks WRs better pray that spitting in their eye is the worst thing Sean Taylor does to them. And Dungy made it deep in the playoff
  • If I'm 4-0 on picks...

    Assume nothing. The Mighty Ducks Of Los Angeles Of Anaheim and the Calgary Flames taught me that. That Ducks team still blows my mind, especially since Jean-Sebastien Giguere may never come close to performing at that level ever again.

    OK, back to football...

    All the Steelers have to do is keep Indy's passing game from getting vertical. Force the Colts to play grinding offense, with runs and screens, and Joey Porter will be vindicated. He's been calling them out in the press, cla

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