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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Editor Lashes Out! 19

Today, in a science article, a user decided to (rather harshly) argue with the opinion of the editor (pretty common, honestly).
The twist? The editor fired back (again, harshly), and you'll never guess who it is...

Heh, yeah you will. I even added my two cents (3x -1 mods all within the same minute). I tried emailing Taco & CowboyNeal in hopes that the matter would be addressed, because this isn't the first time he has blatantly insulted readers (this time he had ammo to fire, other times he just insulted out of the blue). Regardless of -why- there was an insult, its just plainly unprofessional that he did it. And before anyone else says I've done stuff as bad (or even worse), remember, I'm not being paid for my comments. This isn't my job.

Wow, that original comment's been mod'ed 14 times. Looks like the next "Troll Investigation" post...
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Editor Lashes Out!

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  • I don't think that the Editors have yet realized (or a least Michael has not yet realized) that with the Friends / Foes system, their unlimited MOD points are pretty much now only good for modding down crap flooders and trolls.

    Moding you down is the most pointless endeavor /. history, with both Friends and Friends of Friends, odds are that a good half of /.'s active readership has you modded up to at least +3, likely +5 or so. :-D
  • i noticed a large abundance of posts modded down to -1. Some deserve it, but I wonder if bitchslap has gone into use on that thread given the large number of -1s.
  • I know the editors would never do it, but /. needs an open moderation system like K5, where people can see who modded what, I think it would be shown that in the comment mentioned, readers modded it up while only editors modded it down.
    • I think it would be shown that in the comment mentioned, readers modded it up while only editors modded it down.

      What does it matter anymore, I read at 1 and give so many bonuses to pretty much everything that is posted that unless something is a certified goatse link, it ends up passing through my display.
  • Personally, I think Michael was justified. Before I get slammed though, the guy that wrote it was way too harsh.

    I know you agree with that aspect, and Michael's response was not professional.

    But, if I was in his shoes, I'd have done the same thing. Of course, I am as opinionated as anyone here (obviously), and my opinion varies on this is that:
    1) the guy flamed him
    2) Michael was unprofessional about it
    3) It's /., what do you expect? :)
    and finally...
    4)I'd have said much worse to him.
  • Notice how that since John Katz is gone Michael has taken the reins as the least popular editor.

    I propose a /. surviver game. Every month we vote an editor off and disable his posts from the frontpage.

    But seriously Michael's is gold with me. He got my account back. I had red5 registered under an email that was no longer valid and I also didn't know my password. So I fired off and email to Michael and he helped me out.
    • Well, Katz was the least favorite, but michael always ranked a close second. After that, you don't see many complaints, but tim gets quite a few.

      Honestly, I disliked how Katz RARELY wrote stuff suitable for the "News for Nerds. Stuff that matters" motto. He also used unnecessarily long words. But he wasn't horrid to people when they started bitching at them. He was professional about it.

      Anyway, I really don't wanna turn off michael. The science articles are one of the ones I read the most (next to askslash). I don't mind turning off the YRO-tin-foil-hat articles, but science is one of the big reasons I read here, and its also in michael's realms.
    • John Katz is gone??? When did he leave? I've had him checked under ignore for the past few months.
  • i think (Score:2, Insightful)

    by subgeek ( 263292 )
    if somebody talks smack about you or your posts, you have a right to respond how you see fit. that being said, i agree that if the post is going to get the -1 slap, the whole 'offtopic' thread should get the slap(which at the time of this post is the case). if you flame someone, you should be prepared for a response. i don't think this is different for editors. the editors can respond however they want, but they need to keep in mind that what they do is an example of what is acceptable behaviour for other posters to this forum. they shouldn't get fussy when the readership starts acting like they do.

    seeing exactly who mods may or may not help (among regular users), but there should definately be notation for editor mods.
  • from the playing-devils-advocate-for-the-moment dept. I think I should point out this comment [] that says that people should be paying more attention to the article and what it is trying to say, rather than Michael and what he tried to say. Also understand, that the article and Michael might be trying to point to the same issue.

    Summarization: When bad science gets published, everyone loses and there has been a lot of bad science published, lately. This affects the publicization of good science which, to be honest, I've seen all too little of, lately. (Except in reputable Science mags, of course)

    Of course Michael should have thought long and hard before insulting...definitely...

  • I haven't read through all of the posts, yet. However, I didn't find his editor commentary to be so bad that it deserved the flame.

    In fact, I was going to write a journal entry about how there seem to be less and less editor commentaries. I've noticed this in the last few days, but I just dimissed it as chance. It really caught my attention this morning when I read a negative comment, and had to scroll back, because I later realized that it wasn't an editor.

    In fact, I think that it was good of him to make a comment of how the physics community might be full of fraud. It's not as if they are immune from evil are they? Is Linux the only OS? Is in so secure that it is impenetrable? Then why couldn't the physics community be full of fraud?

    I personally think that it is, or at least has some fraud.
  • Just look at michael's sig...
    Stalked by Seth Finklestien.
    How childish. I don't know Seth, but I'm surprised he hasn't sued micheal for slander. Of course, that would be stooping down to micheal's level. Either Seth is WAY more mature than micheal, or he doesn't sue because micheal has no credibility, and nobody cares that he and Seth don't like each other. I know I don't.

"The way of the world is to praise dead saints and prosecute live ones." -- Nathaniel Howe