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Journal FortKnox's Journal: [Football] End of regular season review - AFC 11

Overall, I think we can all agree that the AFC has done a much better job overall than the NFC. More competitive teams, more exciting teams, and not as much 'grey area' and inconsistency. Will describe it in more depth when I talk about the NFC teams (next entry).

Buffalo Bills Surprisingly poor this year. They had the talent (except at QB), yet didn't produce. The defense was terrible after takeo spikes went down. That defense shouldn't be that focused on one person. Mike Mularky is in the hotseat next season.
Miami Dolphins Nick Saban did the impossible. No, not get the Dolphins a winning record. No, not making Gus Ferrot a starting QB... but bringing Ricky "One more toke before I meditate" Williams back into the NFL, then making him productive again. I'm willing to bet that they'll keep him next year, simply because they only have to pay him the vets minimum. Could be ready for the playoffs next year.
New York Jets What a sad state of affairs. The offense is just dragging along. Chad Pennington is a china doll, the depth outside of him is pathetic (and I'm not too big on Chad when he's healthy). The WR core is old and used up. Curtis Martin is on his last leg. Herm Edwards wouldn't be a dumb man for jumping ship to go to KC...

Baltimore Ravens Shoulda dumped Bill Belick. Shoulda fired his ass. He's an offensive minded coach that hasn't run a productive offense since he started. I bet Jim Fassel is pretty upset at taking the OC position of that turd. They shoulda fired him solely on the principle of insisting Kyle Boller was a starter. He's produced in 2 games, then, last week, fell back into his old form. Sure, someone will mention Kordell Stewart, but at least he could run!
Cleveland Browns Look out, the Browns are on the surge. Charlie Fry appears to be the real deal, Braylon Edwards appeared to be the real deal. Rueben Droughns proved (me wrong) that he was not a product of the denver RB machine, and if Kellen Winslow Jr is the real deal, the Browns have an offense much like the surging Bengals. Phil Savage will return (after the debacle resulting in the president of the team resigning), so you can bet they'll use one pick to solidify that O-line (franchise tackle?), then go all defense. Romeo had that defense working with no talent, so imagine what he'll do with talent (oh yeah... 3 superbowl defenses). Scary. 2 years away from a possible run.
Houston Texans Dom Capers fired. He's a defensive coordinator, folks, not a coach. I had faith that he had a team early this year. Ended up that he just gets the team the right direction, then lets it flounder. Next coach will have to start from scratch. I'd say trade away reggie bush to get yourself enough picks to change the whole team around. Reggie isn't enough to make your weak team a contender.
Tennessee Titans A fall from grace. This may put Fischers job in jeopardy, which is sad, cause he's a good coach. They will have enough cap room to sign a whole new team if they want to, but they'll need that cap space to try to make something happen next year. Without McNair, they may be a bottom feeder next year.

Kansas City Chiefs The Chief's problem? Hiring Gunther Cunningham as the DC. He simply didn't get it done. If the Defense was just mediocre, they'd be in the playoffs carried in by their offense (much like Vermeil's StLouis team that won the big one). Sad to see Vermeil leave. Hope he's still with us when he's inducted.
Oakland Raiders The Norv Turner experiment died a horrible death. He had the top WR in NFL, a man that could deliver the deep ball, a good RB, and a mediocre defense, and he couldn't put anything together. Granted, Collins mad horrible decisions, but the coaching was simply bad. I expect him to be gone before the end of the week.
San Diego Chargers "The best X-Y team in football" is what they said after every loss. Sorry, folks, I didn't buy it then and I won't buy it now. They lost games they should have won. Maybe next year.

Playoff Teams:
Indianapolis Colts Firing on all cylinders and with the tragic loss of Tony Dungy's son, they have extra motivation. The only team they need to fear is NE.
Denver Broncos They have the bye, and, yet, I'm not sold. Up against a good defensive team (Pittsburgh, NE, Jacksonville... uh oh!) I have a feeling they'll crumple up.
Cincinnati Bengals On the radio stations this morning, many fans are already giving up. Even though they are hosting, the Steelers are favored. The Bengals defense is simply too young and too weak against the run. This is because the Bengals are still working on being an elite team. This year they are a good team... next year, though... they are ready for their run.
New England Patriots The records are 0-0 going into the next set of games. No one wants to face the champs. Sure, they are battered, but they won the first superbowl with a defense that was a little strong than today, but an offense that wasn't as strong as today. Glad the Steelers will have to wait for the AFC championship if they have to face them.
Jacksonville Jaguars I have no idea how they are even in the post season. Sure, they have a top notch defense, but I'm not solid in the least on their offense. Mediocre.
Pittsburgh Steelers Snuck in and is many peoples dark horse to win. They have the ability to beat every team, with a longshot to take on Indy. The defense and running game is running at its best which is different than last year. Last year they surged in the middle of the season (when they toppled NE and Philly) and dwindled before the playoffs. Now they are in the peak of their performance running into the post season. If they can win against Cincy convincingly, and get up early on the Colts, they could be on their way to the big dance. The future sits on Dick LeBeau and Roethlisburgers broken thumb.
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[Football] End of regular season review - AFC

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  • I think Cincy beats them.

    They are a good team, but they are too inconsistent.

    Next year, with a healthy (assuming Ben R. stays healthy) team, they'll go deep in the playoffs.

    Either way, if they do win this game, it won't matter...I hate Indy, but I don't see them losing this year.

    I really hope I'm wrong.
    • I think the Steelers will pull off the win. They always choke in the post-season, but always at home. Seeing that they'll never have a home game, maybe it'll help them. When they were surging they knocked off the undefeated pats and iggles last year... if they can get an early lead on Indy, they can pull off a win. Still think its a longshot, though.

      BTW - Most see Seattle going to the big dance. As long as Rex stays on the mark (why in the hell did Lovie not play him the last game? He's only played
      • Lovie didn't play Rex because it was a meaningless game (did you see Urlacher frothing at the mouth on the sidelines? This means trouble for whoever they face in the divisional, the D is gonna kill) and he didn't want Rex to get hurt.

        I don't really agree with it, the man needs reps, but Lovie has done a helluva job this year and to be honest, who am I to doubt the man?

        Either way, I'm cautiously optimistic. I still don't think this year is our year, but look out for 2006-2008. A healthy team will own the
    • Actually I think the Steelers will demolish Cincy. The Bengals defense is abysmal. You gotta think Parker, Staley and Bettis are just looking at what Larry Johnson did to them and are salivating. That then sets up Ben in his most dangerous: the play action. The Cincy D tries to survive off of the O getting them a lead and then sitting back and getting all those picks. The problem is that if they have to cheat to protect on the run, Ben just throws those killer 10 yarders to Hines Ward (who will fight
  • I think Cincy plays big this weekend. Just a hunch (and you know how well those pan out;-) but I am sorry to say that I don't think your Steelers will advance:-(

    But I also think the Jags will beat NE, so there ya go...

  • This Phil Savage thing made me want to vomit in my mouth. It was such a Dan Snyder move: bring in highly touted personnel and then undermine them in every aspect that made them who they are. Really who the hell does Collins think he is? How many Pro Bowlers has he drafted? How many has he brought to this organization? How many Super Bowls has he won? Heck, Carmen Policy at least could say he had a ring (although it's a Barry Switzer: won off of the success of previous regimes). But Collins is the h
    • The browns front office BS was pathetic. lerner is asleep at the wheel as usual, but did the right thing by canning that asshole collins.

      the browns are in for another house cleaning. stiffs like ben taylor and jason fisk are going out to the trash. Hopefully we'll grab a new LT, a better LG so we can move druzzi over, and a Bentley from the saints to give us a kick ass center.

      they should be fun to watch next year, that's if we don't get owned by the steelers, as usual.
  • I have strong feelings in both directions (they storm through the playoffs... the Jags annihilate them... I can't really pick). I had stronger feelings that they would run through the playoffs like a hot knife through butter a few weeks ago, but second thoughts are starting to kick in.

  • Chargers are an excellent team. They don't say that everytime they lose, but when they beat NE and Indy. They also had the hardest season by winning percentage of teams played.

    Two problems: Antonio Gates is now just a wide reciever who sometimes blocks. The Chargers don't have the WB talent to take advantage of the extra coverage on him, and play him like a Wide Reciever enough that he's getting to be very coverable. Chargers need to change things up, and get a better WR. So far the QB has only been as good
    • The bolts were waaay too inconsistent. Most blame schedule or travel. Even with those problems, they still got their rears handed to them by the Denver second stringers. Too inconsistent to be a 'great' team. I'd give them a 'good' classification, and only because they knocked off the Colts.
      • the Denver second stringers

        Rivers went in before Van Pelt, and scored a touchdown in under two minutes :)

        Too inconsistent to be a 'great' team.

        Too inconsistent to be ... um ... consistent.

        they knocked off the Colts

        They put NE in a downward spiral too :)

        Like I said, I think they need better WR. While Gates draws off most the coverage these days, McCardell and the others look better but they aren't enough to scare the other side.

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