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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Joey, Thomas the Tank Engine, and a Surprise 17

Been mad busy over the holidays. Lots to catch up on (like Sielwolf winning the second season of the slashdot fantasy football keepers league!), but haven't had time to post anything... however, this was an exception I was willing to make.
Today, after lunch, Joey had been good in his school class this morning, so to celebrate, he got to watch a new Thomas video (and Joey TOTALLY digs Thomas... downright obsesses about it). I turned it on, waited through the comercial you can't skip, then hit 'play all episodes' and waited a few minutes to make sure everything went ok. As I watched the beginning, I noticed the narrator was 'George Carlin.' Seeing as this is an old British kids show, I assumed that it was just a guy with the same name, but said something to the wife with a giggle. Of course, we listened to the beginning of it to see if it sounded like him. Damn... sounded spot on... but George Carlin wouldn't do that... would he?
Now I'm just waiting for Joey to run in and say "Daddy, Thomas just taught me 7 new words!"

Surprising, though, that Ringo Starr and Alec Baldwin also have had their share as the Thomas narrator...
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Joey, Thomas the Tank Engine, and a Surprise

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  • In the late 90s. Before that, 'twas Ringo Starr telling the narration. I guess that some "educator" thought that Liverpudlian anglicisms were a difficult imposition on the 3-year-olds of the greatest nation on earth. Didn't want to confuse the 'soft, southern bastards'!
    • In the UK, it was Ringo and then Michael Angelis.. in the US, Carlin. I'm not even sure they make it anymore.

      It was the first place I heard of Ringo, and probably his finest work to date.
  • Volcabulary (Score:2, Interesting)

    by GeckoFood ( 585211 ) *
    • Now I'm just waiting for Joey to run in and say "Daddy, Thomas just taught me 7 new words!"

    If not from George Carlin, he will learn those special words at school, before he hits 4th grade... :-/ (Wish I was joking on that one).

  • When some friends with kids visited me when I was living in Texas, we wound up watching the Teletubbies (oh no!) and it too had been Americanized - the narration was replaced with someone with a generic American accent. It's funny, when US kids shows go the other way, the British TV companies see no reason to anglicise them!
    • Joey watches several british and aussie shows (wiggles, charlie and lola, etc...), so he says some things with either a british or aussie accents... it sounds pretty silly with his regular american accent, actually.
      • Right -- kids totally pick up on the accent.

        One of Kiddo's favorite things is to play like she's some kind of animal. And as she does so, she narrates her own movements and activities... just like they would on a nature program. And the kicker: she does so with a British accent.

        It is NOT a coincidence that Walking With Dinosaurs [], Life of Mammals [], and Blue Planet [] are her most frequently watched DVDs. :-)

        • At least one show in the Tickle U rotation is "Peppa Pig", which I think is a Brit import. How do I know? One day while watching, they were speaking with Brit accents. Joe wanted to know why the pigs were talking so funny.
          • I know you're speaking English, George, but I have no idea what you're saying.

            I guess we just don't watch enough kid's TV -- it's just Between the Lions on TiVo. Everything else remains (happily) within the realm of the unknown. :-)

  • 1) Buy more track than you think you need. Especially the short straight and short curved sections. Nothing is more frustrating that being >THAT FAR< from being able to make a loop connect.

    2) Don't use Thomas Trains as potty training rewards, or soon you will be buried under more engines than you can remember the names of. Though I'm keeping up so far.

    Thank goodness Auntie, who does her best to spoil the boy mercilessly, heeded our instructions not to buy a bunch of Thomas stuff for xmas. Well, sh

    • Also, invest in some MM and FF adapters. Squirreltracks are decent people to deal with.

      Craft stores often have blank cars that you can paint and have other fun with.
    • You are far too late. Track is what we got first... he's on his 10th engine. Gordon and Edwards were his Christmas presents and Toby is the sole reason why he's completely potty trained ("don't have an accident for 7 days and I'll get you a thomas engine" was pure gold, I tell ya!).
      Its an expensive hobby, but I only bring it out for big gifts so he cherishes them.

      Oh, and I do have a set of MM and FF which has been great.
  • the Billionaire Boys' Club!

    *raucous applause*

    This one's- for John!

    *gives John Elway ridiculous uppercut*

    It was luck and design. Consider that I lost my top three picks to season/career ending injuries (Bulger at QB and both starting RBs in Priest Holmes and Dominick Davis) and my fourth (the Bills D) was decimated by the horrific injuries they sustained. I lost Darrell Jackson in week 4 only to get him back in week 15 and Nate Burleson (my other starting WR) was a casualty of the failed Daunte Culpepper s
  • How does the Record Book get set? Is that something automated that will get set off? And where's my trophy! I want some monstrous Lord Stanley looking thing!
    • Dunno and dunno if there even is a trophy. Yahoo had a trophy, but it got sent in like june. What we could do next year is everyone chip in some extra cash, and I'll buy a trophy just for our league, and you get to keep it until the next person wins the super bowl... then you have to send it to them.
      • What we could do next year is everyone chip in some extra cash, and I'll buy a trophy just for our league, and you get to keep it until the next person wins the super bowl... then you have to send it to them.

        Hmmm. I think we need something special. Like a processor stuck on a mount. Something very /. ;)

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