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Journal FortKnox's Journal: King of the jungle, old evil woman, & a place to hang coats 14

I'll update life tomorrow... just wanted to say something about the Chronicles of Narnia.
Never read the book (though its on my list) and I have to say the movie was absolutely fantastic. If you like LoTR (if you didn't, you are messed up), then you'll enjoy Narnia (C.S.Lewis and Tolkien were buddies... in fact Tolkien converted Lewis to Christianity... some of the 'major themes' are very similar, too. There is many similarities which I may discuss in a later journal). Magical, magnificent, truely a great movie. A must see in the theater.
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King of the jungle, old evil woman, & a place to hang coats

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  • Just to provide an alternative perspective, I disagree with virtually every word you wrote :-)

    If you like LoTR (if you didn't, you are messed up), then you'll enjoy Narnia

    Nope. LotR is the greatest book every written, by quite some margin. The films didn't live up to the book, and in particular, "The two towers" sucked horribly. But there's still enough of Tolkien left in them to make them watchable. "Narnia" on the other hand was just shallow and dull. The story didn't do anything. It was just a linear

    • I wouldn't go quite as far as you, but I too left disappointed. I loved the Narnia series growing up, and even liked the BBC tv version (recently got it on dvd in fact). However I felt like the movie made a few critical errors that really didn't have to happen. Namely that the White Witch was either poorly cast or poorly imagined. She was neither tall, white nor 'magnificent', which is how she is quite clearly described in the books. The White Witch from the BBC series was quite superior to this one. This g
  • I think that Sol might take exception to that... :-)
    • Hey, she is not old... (grin)
      • But she WAS old and evil, if you've read the books. And i loved narnia. I went on Christmas eve, and i thought it was splendid. I don't care about the lord of the rings so much, and i disregard much of Lewis' other works. Tolkein and Lewis had a falling out in later years.

        But narnia was perfect, and tumnus needs much more acting exposure. I was thrilled with the gentleman who plays the grown up Digory whatever-his-name-is (the professor.) I'm hoping that he will be in more films.

        I also really hope that she
        • Is there confirmation they are doing the magicians nephew? That's be great!
        • Oh, I've read the book - she was old and evil. You, on the other hand, are not old... Evil?

          Looking forward to seeing the movie too. Thought I was going to be seeing it some time this week, but don't think my little one is old enough to see it. Safe enough for a 6-7 year old kid? I'm thinking no, but...
  • by nizo ( 81281 ) *
    I just posted about Narnia in my journal before reading your entry; I loved it as well. I also thought that the guy who played Father Christmas would have been an excellent replacement for Dumbledore (better than the guy that was picked anyway) :-)
  • I haven't seen the film, but I just finished the series and really enjoyed it. If you are a fast reader you can chomp through the whole series relatively quickly as they are rather simple in their writing. That is not say that they are not deep and moving, just that the style makes them easy to digest. I highly, highly recommend that if you liked the movie that you move the books to the top of your list. The Christian references abound, but anyone unfamiliar with the Bible or the teachings of Christ wil
    • I keep trying to finish up the books, but I get bored / lost after awhile, though I haven't tried since middle school (I read The Magictians Nephew and The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe in second grade). The Horse and His Boy (or whatever that one is) seemed to have nothing to do with Narnia at all.

      Oh well, I am sure the movies will be good, so whatever works out in the long run,maybe I'll go after the books again, if I can find them. :)
      • The Horse and His Boy definately starts slowly, but the link the Narnia becomes pretty strong about halfway through. I never read them in school, but I know I would have missed quite a bit of the symbolism. I'd give them another chance;-)
    • Heh, already into chapter 2 of the wizard's nephew (reading them in the "Lewis Inspired Order", which has wizard's nephew before LW&W). Yes, they are as simple as a kids book (which it kinda is), yet still holds its majesty :)
      • That's the way I read them, too. I think they started the movies with LW&W because it can stand alone and is probably the most popularly read of the bunch. That plus the action;-)

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