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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Four Vaccinations, Round II 5

Anyone up for a Joey Update?
No? Then feel free to ignore this JE :-P

The past few weeks, we have been a bit worried that he only has rolled over from his stomach to his back, maybe 3 times. We've been putting him on his stomach, often. Even letting him get goood and pissed in hopes that he'd roll. No dice.

Then yesterday, he decided to start rolling from his back to his stomach... a LOT... almost constantly (which is really odd, because most babys roll from their stomach to their back first, before even attempting the back to the stomach).
We had our next Pediatricians appointment yesterday afternoon, so we asked the doctor. She said "Baby's that are his weight usually go from their back to their stomach first and are slow rollers, cause they have so much to roll." FYI - He's almost 18lbs (4months old, and is 26" long. That's 95% for weight, and 90% for length. He's helping me imagining him as a Pittsburgh Steeler Linebacker).

Anyway, everything was looking good for him, and he's shown all the signs of a child 4-6 months old, except real fear. He rarely cries because he's afraid, but that's because he's super-laid back (even more than I originally though, too. You'll see why).

It was round two of the same four shots he got two months ago. But this one came with a twist. We (meaning me and the nurse. Wifey's a wimp) held the poor child down, and he got nailed with the first shot. He looks up at me like he's saying "What's up with that?", she finishes the shot, and nothing. Not a peep. Its like he didn't care.
Second shot in and out, and he started crying a bit, but it was more because we were holding him down than the 'screech of the vaccine' he had last time.
Third one... still whiney cause of us holding him down. I was flabberghasted. He takes shots better than his mother!
The fourth one broke him, though. He did the 'screech of the vaccine' after that one. The wife read something about one of them causing pain (like the medicine hurts when its in, not the shot). It was easy to calm him down afterwards, and we even went straight to a nice restaurant afterward, and he wasn't very fussy. He did whine, but it was because he crapped all over himself[1], and he was getting hungry. Anyway, it made me sleep easier knowing he was smiling and his normal self after we got home.

Note: This footnote is not for the squeamish
[1] Breast fed babies sometimes don't crap for a few weeks. Sometimes twice a day. It all depends on what the mother eats and how the baby reacts to it (breastmilk is so healthy that it sometimes doesn't produce any waste). Anyway, when they do crap, its loose, and it comes out all at once in an explosion (you can never truely understand until you have an accident in the middle of a change). Its liquidy (with a pungent, yet slightly sweet smell to it), and no diaper can truely hold it in. When the baby craps, get the tub water runnin, cause he'll need a bath. It gets over onsies, and usually anything underneight him. And, by murphy's law, it happens at the worst possible times.
And, another side note. Joey doesn't get gas pains. He's truely his father's son. He belches and farts all the time (even got the Dr in the face with a fart yesterday). So all the changes and stuff have an amusing enough touch to make it all worth it ;-)
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Four Vaccinations, Round II

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  • Angie didn't breastfeed. Started to, then had some problems that had her medicated enough we didn't want to risk it. By the time they cleared up about a week later, she wasn't producing right, and he wouldn't take to the nipple very well.

    I think He's just going to be a wrestler (Greco-Roman, not professional). He's outgrowing 2T shirts, but 18 month pants are too long.

    If I remember, I can snag the information sheets on the vaccines from work. I think they're mandated in Maryland. Very informative. I can send them out. First couple of times he got vaccines, there was a bit of a fever spike.

  • Once FortKnox Jr. gets to solid food, then you're in for a real treat!

    Imagine pulling off the diaper and hearing the sound of velcro opening. Not just a little bit, but a whole mile of velcro. Wet, juicy velcro.

    Then there's the smell...

    • Bwahaha! LOL!

      Actually, I heard the worst part is when they get to the age when you change them, they put their hands down there to see what's down there.

      And you KNOW baby's love putting everything in their mouth......

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