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Journal FortKnox's Journal: What September 11th was like in the Marotti family... 10

Quick 'prior addendum' for clarification. This is a story from last year

9/11/01 had an interesting twist at my home.

On September 10th, in the evening, my wife and I were watching TV, and we ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut (actually, she ordered it without my knowledge, cause I dislike Pizza Hut). It arrived, and she immediately took out a piece and chomped into it. Two chews later, she spit it out. "This... tastes... RANCID." I took a bite, and though it did taste a little funny (but, two points here: 1. I eat pizza hut pizza rarely, and 2. When someone says something is bad, and for you to taste it, its never gonna taste 'normal'). She called up Pizza Hut and asked for a new pizza, and they delivered it. Knowing point #2, I said "Let me try it first". Tasted fine to me. She took a bite, and spit it out. Just then she stared at the wall a minute, and went into the bathroom.
I thought nothing of it, just continued watching TV and eating pizza.
"Josh! Come here! Look at this!"
It was a pregnancy test with the faintest (and I mean FAINTEST) line I've ever seen. "I dunno, hon... thats REALLY faint!"
On the package it read, "If there is a line, however faint it may appear, means you are pregnant."
Being the dumb male that I am, I demanded a second opinion. We ran out to krogers (grocery store), and bought 4 different tests. We came home (now it was getting pretty late), and she filled up on drinks and was able to finish 3 tests. Each one was just as faint as the first one, but by the time she was finished, the second test had a bright, bold line.

We were both tickled, but decided to wait until tomorrow morning to tell our parents.

The morning came, and we were both in a good mood. I had finished showering and was getting dressed when I witnessed the second plane hit the first on TV.
Dad was on a business trip in New Jersey, grandma lives close to the PA site.

Needless to say, it was an mixed emotions day for my family.

I have some funny stories to tell about how people reacted to my wife being pregnant if anyone is interested...
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What September 11th was like in the Marotti family...

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  • Good to hear that the pizza wasn't rancid.

    This is wonderful news. My wife and I hope to have similar news to share some day.

    The following is meant in the best possible way. My wife (a doctor) has made me swear to not tell anyone once "we" are pregnant for at least two months. Why? About 1/4 of all pregnancies end in miscarriages, most of those early on. This is an amazingly high percentage. In many instances nobody (including the mother) is ever aware of the pregnancy. Because of this the numbers are kind of fuzzy. By not telling everyone you can avoid uncomfortable situations in case of a trajedy. In general it is a good idea to wait a while before telling anyone but close friends and family.

    That said I wish you the best and I am happy for you.

    • You misread.

      That story was from Sept 11, 2001. Joey is 4 months old, now :-)

      Yeah, we did keep in under wraps except for our families until the wife was 3 months pregnant. And, after the baby is born, you have to deal with the '4-month SIDS possibility'. Its the most paranoid time, having a child.

      Funny thing is, for each there really isn't anything you can do about it. Its something you don't have much control over, so worrying is pointless...
    • I work in a doctor's office (duh:) and we had to start the secrecy simply in getting a referral written for the pre-natal care. We planned on keeping things 'hush-hush', for much the same reason as your wife wants to. But Angie was having a few symptoms that were odd, not mentioned in the books, etc. so we felt it would be best to tell someone who could help her cope. IOW, someone who had gone through childbirth before, not husband, doctor, etc.

      Next time, barring any problems like in the first pregnancy, we'll definately keep quiet.

  • I want to hear the stories.

    By the way, I had to careflly examine verb tenses before deciding that you were talking about the child you already have. There's a September 11th in every year, you know. :)
    • Heh, you aren't the first to not realize that I was talking about the past, but the first line DID say:
      9/11/01 had an interesting twist at my home.

      Plus I mentioned the whole plane hitting the tower.
      Yeah, we are waiting until joey is at least 2 years old. Heh, I can't handle having a second one this soon :-).

      Stories... lets see...

      Well, when I called my mother and told her, she said, "Don't bother telling your dad. He already knows." My dad went to my brother, sister-in-law, and both my sisters two weeks prior and said that my wife was pregnant. He has ESP or something. And he predicted it'd be a boy when I told him.

      When the wife went to the doctor for the blood test to make extra-positively sure, she showed him the test, he puts his hands in the 'field goal position', and yelled "TOUCHDOWN! Go tell everyone you're knocked up!" He also said it was pointless to do the bloodtest, cause its just as accurate as the store-bought pregnancy tests (but did it anyway).

      I'm drawing a blank atm... I'll post more when I get my head back together...
  • i remember that win98 had crossed me for the last time on on 10 sep 2001. i know this because i still have backups labeled 11 sep 2001. i remember that i couldn't get anything useful done most of the day, so i thought i might as well back up my win98 partition before i anihilated it.

    i also remember that i had been all excited for the (then) new they might be giants cd, mink car, to be released on 11 sep 2001. i forgot until the following weekend. when the towers got hit and then later fell, i really couldn't focus on anything. i really like tmbg, but some things tend to dominate thought.

    this year i am thankful for a relatively uneventful 11 sep.
  • Not only do you have a bun in the oven, you caused Pizza Hut a bit of lost revenue. I hate Pizza Hut :)

    Congratulations to you, hope everything goes as well with the new little one as it has been with Joey.

    • Hehe... you're the third one I had to tell this to...

      You misread... that's the story from last year. It was Joey.

      Everyone was reminiscing about 9/11/01, so I added my story (and even added the top line to help unconfuse people) ;-)
      • Hehe... you're the third one I had to tell this to...

        You misread... that's the story from last year. It was Joey.

        Ah, well it still is an excellent story :-)

Surprise due today. Also the rent.