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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Civ4 (Ethelred... this is for you) 10

I just finished my first civ4 game. Was good. Only really went to war with Montezuma at the end of the game. He didn't advance much. Nothing like seeing macemen rushing fortified machinegunners. Didn't have a chance. Was the biggest map possible with 9 other civs, so it was a nice long game. Ended up winning by space race, but probably woulda won by score if I made it that far (game ends at 2040, I won at 2025).

Anywho, I played Ghandi so I tried not to be too aggressive. The only funny points I noticed at the end was that the icon for "The Internet" (world wonder) was Al Gore. Also, you get ranked up against real rulers to determine how well you did. My result? See here.
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Civ4 (Ethelred... this is for you)

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  • I eventually ran outta land, so I had to have my tanks start rolling over the neighbors on my continent. Kinda sad when my bombers are attacking cities defended by pikemen.
  • But speaking of Unread....


  • Caesar didn't try to pressure you into doing anything [], did he? (link not safe for conservatives) :-)
    • LMFAO! No, when people demand stuff from me, they get a stiff 'no.' If they attack, they usually lose a lot of troops to my superior defenders (machine gunners were very popular with me late in the game. Catherine kept attacking with her cossacks and really ran into brick walls, even on a sneak attack).
  • Being put between Harding and Quayle is libel. Or slander. Or both.

    And anyway Gandhi only got away with a lot because he wore glasses and nobody would hit him.



  • So it's easier to fortify and defend a city than it is to assault it.

    Given equivalent production dumped into fortified units, the defense will always win. Pikemen v. Tanks, Archers v. Gunships. The only way to really work around that is splash damage from high-end modern units or catapults.

    Bombard til 0%, then hit em with the collateral units, then move in the heavy stuff.

    My highest rank was 30k pts, Augustus Caesar, game ending at 1923, domination victory on a 9 civilization terra map as Rome. I just ro
    • I'm trying noble right now (supposedly the most fair and completely balanced level. No bonuses either way).
      I'm finding it more and more to be just as difficult to defend as it is to assault. First strike definately has a giant advantage. In old Civs, 3-5 good quality defensive units used to be able to hold against a good barage of attacks. Now I'm finding that it isn't enough if the computer is after you. They really bring in the big guns to get at you.

      Then again, I did have a tank lose to a longbow
      • The game cheats on higher difficulties. I've had a gunship taken out by a knight(I finally came up with a reason for that, it's psycho mel gibson yelling "FREEEDOOMMMMM" and tossing his sword into it).

        Given equivalent production values, defense still wins tho. Remember 1 tank == like 6 longbowmen production wise. Check the civiliopedia.

        On another(non-troll) note, we should totally plan a /. Civ 4 Night. All get on some kind of comms and just pwn each other. I know me/you/sielwolf will be up for it at a

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