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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Football: Dumb Detroit... dumb dumb dumb 14

The lions just fired Mooch.
Dumb move... absolutely stupid. Mooch is a great coach (my guess is the Ravens are already talking to him)... the problem with this organization is Matt Millen. You know, the guy you just gave a 5 year extension to?
The offensive line is horrible, the recieving corps is too young and too injury prone, and the defense is young or too old.
Is this the coachs fault? No, its the GMs.

So I don't expect Detroit to do anything for the next couple years until they realize what the real problem is.
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Football: Dumb Detroit... dumb dumb dumb

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  • Millen hired both Mariucci and his predecessor, Marty Mornhinweg, and drafted or signed most of the players currently on the Lions -- and Detroit is an NFL-worst 20-55 since 2001. Millen, a former NFL linebacker and TV analyst, was given a five-year extension before this season.

    Fault diagnosis involves isolating the common factor, does it not? Not-so-subtle hint in that paragraph. Just exactly what are Millen's qualifications for that job?

    And what are the chances that the Lions will be able to h

    • Use the Preview button, John!
    • And what are the chances that the Lions will be able to hire any kind of decent coach? Only the ones with nothing to lose are going to consider it.

      I don't know. Look at Cincinnati. Corruption from the top (Mike Brown the owner) made it a death sentence to any coach. No one expected anyone with a name to take the job. However, Marvin Lewis turned down a couple head coaching jobs the year before and took the Cincinnati one. Why? Cause he knew that the management woudl start getting desperate. This i
      • Interesting rumor floated this weekend...Favre has said that he'd not play for another team in the NFL. He's also said he'd not play for another coach. But what if that coach was Mooch? Especially if the Packers are in contention for the Reggie Bush lottery? Could Favre stay another year under those circumstances?

        Mooch's firing irritates me because he's one of the really good coaches in the NFL. I remember the warm fuzzy "coming home" stuff that was said when he went to Dee-troit. I hope he gets another g

        • Sorry, if the Pack had #1, they should trade down. Ahman Green and Najeh Davenport are two high quality backs. I don't see them getting another RB. They need another reciever, possibly, some offensive guards, and then work on the defensive side of things. They need to test Aaron Rogers, or get ready for Matt Leinhart.
          • Well, I was just parroting what them announcers said. Having said that, your assessment is spot-on. Trading down for O-line, or draft-and-trade. Get everyone healthy, hire Mooch, and have one hell of a sendoff for Favre. :)
      • But they have to be desperate enough to give the new coach a ton of control, and the new coach has to be good enough to know what to do with the control...

        Well, yes. Getting a first-tier guy would require Millen to give up a lot of control, as well as a ton of money. Seems very unlikely to me. So they will have to go with someone who is interested in making their name in the NFL. A current second-tier guy, an unknown, or a college coach looking to make the transition would fit the bill. Odds of su

  • The Offensive Line and Tight Ends coaches got the axe, too. Millen thought he was drafting The Hogs, then fired the guys who couldn't put lipstick on a pig. (If you'll forgive the tortured metaphor...)

    I think Millen just crossed over into Swaggering, Overbearing, Tin-Plated Dictator territory. Who's gonna want to work for him now? I hope Matt still has some friends at Fox, because that may be the only place he can find a head coach.

    Scary thought: Head Coach Tony Siragusa

  • Good, the Bears need less competition in the Norris division. :)

    Speaking of, 7 straight wins Josh. Whodathunkit?

    The real test is in two weeks. I bet you can't wait.
    • Depends on how things fall.
      If they beat the Colts, they'll most likely lose to Cincinnati (short week). If they lose to Cincinnati, they'll have to bring their A-game into the Chicago game, which will probably mean they lose.
      If they lose to the Colts, the A-game goes to Cincinnati, and Chicago has a chance to pull it off.

      Regardless, the score will probably be something like 3-6 in the Pittsburgh-Chicago game.
      • Regardless, the score will probably be something like 3-6 in the Pittsburgh-Chicago game.

        With 38 punts. It'll be damned boring, but I'll watch.
  • "Stupid is as stupid does."

    I really enjoyed Millen when he was a broadcaster and I was really pulling for him to do well in Detroit. THe fact is though, that he has not. The team is in disarray, their problems are systematic, and they have fired a very good coach. I wonder if they stopped to think how bad they'd be right now without a coach of Mariucci's calibre? I simply don't think Detroit makes the playoffs with Millan at the the helm. The sooner they do a clean sweep of the front office, the bett

  • ESPN.com's front-page poll is "Who's to blame: Mooch, Harrington, Millen, or the WR triplets?"

    Millen has about 51% of the vote. Us geeks ain't so dumb about sports after all.

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