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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Terrell Owens 5

Well, if you haven't heard, the arbiter has ruled that the suspension the Eagles gave TO was justified. You won't see him on the field until next year with another team.

For this, I quote a couple week old MMQB (Peter King) Quote of the week:
"Drew! Drew! What have you done for him, other than to get him kicked off the team?''
-- A question shouted from an unnamed reporter to Drew Rosenhaus, Terrell Owens' agent, at a press conference last Tuesday.

I -love- it. Hope no team takes a chance on him (though they will). Does Drew Rosenhaus lose clients? Here's hoping he does! Everything from the demand for more money till now is probably based on advice he gave his client... though lets not go overboard. TO owns his mouth and what comes outta it. So his reputation and his comments are all cause of him. Drew just magnified it by 10,000.
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Terrell Owens

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