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Journal FortKnox's Journal: M-O-O-N... thats spells "My Weekend" 15

Well, my weekend went something like this:
Came home on Friday, ate dinner, played with Joey most of the night, went to sleep.
Saturday, the wife & I decided to finish up unpacking, and cleaning up the apartment (we were done with most of the unpacking), so we started doing chores, but once noon hit, our TiVo, in its infinite wisdom, decided to record the TV series "The Stand" based on Stephen King's book, because its AI determined that I'd like that kinda movie.
Seeing that we had worked for a little bit, we got a little captivated by the movie, and, within the first 45 minutes, sat down on the couch and started watching. The 2 hour 'part I' (out of 4) was almost finished, which left me with a sour taste in my mouth, because I wanted to see the rest, and didn't know if it was out on DVD or not (its an old series from like 1994). It was on the scifi channel, so I looked to see when the next parts would be on (if at all). Well, it happens that they were running them all in a row. 8 hours of "The Stand" fun. I looked at my wife, and she, knowing what I was thinking, said "NO WAY! Not 8 hours! That's CRAZY!"

Long story short. We ended up in front of the TV for 8 hours (I tried recording some of them to our TiVo, but our TiVo is the oldest model, and can only hold 14 hours, killing a lot of stuff we hadn't seen, yet). Now, we aren't the type to just watch TV all Saturday, but we had a good time, playin with Joey, making dinner and stuff while watching the series. And the series is GOOD. The only big disadvantage was that it didn't have much of a budget, which really began to show with the special effects (granted, they prolly had a good budget, but when you make an 8-hour movie...). Anyway, it may be worth watching, if you've never seen it (or it may be worth reading the book, although the book is enormous, IIRC).
Sunday was church, me making pasta and salad dressing (which, for some reason, I was always afraid to do. Dad was always really critical on how the salad dressing tasted, so I was always afraid to make it. Well, I kicked butt on it and made a great batch). We watched some of the games (football is a priority in the Marotti house). The Browns game was unfair (yeah, even a Pittsburgh fan could tell you that was just a dumb rule call), and the Buc's ending was funny. St Louis needs to get their sh*t together.

Tonight will be the wife going to bible study while I get to show my son his very first Steelers game :-)

BTW - The journal title is from "The Stand" if you didn't know.
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M-O-O-N... thats spells "My Weekend"

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  • The subject should be self-explanatory.

    • You are now my foe!!


      The overrated pats will get humbled tonight! :-P
      • The overrated pats will get humbled tonight!

        That is what I fear. I have the sneaking suspicion that Brady's season was a fluke (he actually wasn't that exceptional... a healthy O-Line and a career year from Antowain Smith along with defense was what made the season last year. Damon Huard or Jon Kitna could have been the QB and the Patriots would have at least advanced deep into the playoffs) and that trading Bledsoe will be a massive mistake.

        That, and the cinderella year for the New England sports fan ended when the Bruins lost in the first round to the Habs.

      • The overrated pats will get humbled tonight!

        That, or Kordell Stewart will return to typical form...


  • The stand is one of the few Stephan King based Movies I can stomach. I know he has a lot of fans out there, and lots of people love the movies, but these are supposed to be serious horror films. The effects are normally below that of a b rated zompie flick, and the acting gets even worse. Ever see Silver Bullet? The werewolf costume doesn't move right, and worse, the seams are visible half the time. Barney would make a more realistic character. That being said, The Stand is a great(if long) movie, and I applaud your ability to sit through all eight hours of it.
  • *THAT* should say it all :)
  • As soon as I saw the title, I knew exactly what you were doing. I was flipping through the stations on Saturday, and noticed that it was on. (After my motorcycle trip).

    Yes, the book is long. About 800 pages. The later version, with some stuff edited out from the older edition is around 1500 pages. Damn fine story.

    Like someone else said, this is far and away the best adaptation of a King work to the screen (large or small). Oh, BTW, I thought Silver Bullet was supposed to be a bit campy. The original source material was an illustrated... something. And some of the short stories have made reasonable translations to the screen (one story that made it into the 80's version of Twilight Zone).

    Yes, it is available on DVD. Two discs, I believe. (I'm too lazy to go into the other room and check.)

    • ...some of the short stories have made reasonable translations to the screen (one story that made it into the 80's version of Twilight Zone).
      What episode was it? I watched it when I was younger, and can only remember the one where a "Dif'rent Strokes" actor was on there. I think his name was Danny Meeks.

      That said, I'm really looking forward to the new ones coming out this fall.
  • Browns fans can accept defeat if the game is played by the rules. We're still not happy about it, but ...
    Last years bottle throwing was a result of changing/breaking the rules. I don't agree with the fans reaction, but I understand.
    Rudd took off his helmet during the game. It's a goofy rule, but it's one that was enforced earlier in the game against KC.
    As long as we all play by the same rules we should all be happy, win or lose.

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