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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Brussel Sprout Soda 20

My friend at work had a Jones Soda holiday pack. He opened them all and only one person had the gaul to try them all. I walked in and triumphantly said I'd try them all.
I wanted to work from the worst to the best. Lets face it, some aren't going to be good, so I want a tolerable one last so it'll be the flavor in my mouth when I finish. He said Cranberry was tolerable, but brussel sprout was, by far, the worst. So I told him to bring on the sprouts.
So, I had him pour me a minishot of the brussel sprouts. I inhaled a whiff to know what I was in for. After the scent I knew they were probably spot on with the stuff being worst.
I downed it in one go, being my brave tasting self...
Immediately, I was overwhelmed with the flavor of rancid vomit. We are not talking fresh puke from my stomach... no... its as if a hobo vomitted into a paper bag, buried it, dug it up after a good two weeks of fermenting, then bottled it and called it brussel sprout soda. Now, I'm not a squeamish man. I enjoy a good anchovie pizza, for crying out loud! But this stuff... I almost blew chunks right there. The only time in my life where a taste sensation almost made me puke. I held it down, demanded the cranberry soda and downed a good half cup, which wasn't good, but tasted like sweet nectar of the gods next to the vomit-ale I just drank. Suffice to say, I admitted defeat, downed a pack of tictacs and am trying to coerce my stomach into amnesia before I hurl on my keyboard.

Be warned of geeks bearing green soda!
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Brussel Sprout Soda

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  • Intruding on the turf of the legendary Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray Soda []!

    Not bad with a corned beef sandwich, although it's one of those ethnic tastes you really need to be raised with.

  • by ellem ( 147712 ) *
    very Steve Don't Eat That!
  • FK, like you said, email me when/if you're coming to Chicago! I forgot to reply to you the other day. :)
  • why does jones pull this stuff? their fufu berry soda is to die for, and so is the mixed berry energy drink! so why do they do stuff like this...and why in gods name do they still have the chocolate soda still on the market? nassssty!!!
    • well because without having crazy flavors like that no-one would even know they existed, much less bottled soda. even if it's pull a prank on you nasty bad... people will still write about it in their blogs and FREE advertising ;) next time you wanna make someone puke buy jones soda brussle sprout flavor ;)
      • Bah! I knew they existed before the crazy flavors...and if I did then it's no big secret :)

        Seriously, they could have come up with a better flavor than brussle sprouts and still had an effective marketing schema.
    • Let's see:

      There's the novelty factor. Some people are going to buy it just so they can have a bottle to show off or as a gag gift.

      Second they get lots of word of mouth PR from the crazy soda flavors.

      Third supposedly some of the flavors like Pumpkin Pie and Turkey and Gravy aren't bad.

      As for the Brussel Sprout soda don't feel bad, Jones' CEO claims he can't finish a whole bottle of the Salmon flavored soda.
      • Seriously...brussle sprouts?
        I'm sure the pumpkin isn't half bad...but salmon..c'mon! You can be funky without being disgusting :)
  • Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans []. With Jones cream soda.
    I'd like to try a turkey and dressing Jones. Maybe a pumpkin, too. My guess is, though, they don't go for the sweet taste that you can get when you prepare pumpkin just right, just the standard recognizable canned pumpkin pie flavor.

    Oh, and I don't mind Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray, except it just tastes like someone else chewed up the celery and spat it into a can :)
    • Alas, earwax.

      they don't go for the sweet taste that you can get when you prepare pumpkin just right

      We roasted pumpkins this year again. And this time we really cooked them good and long, until they had an orange translucence about them. In pumpkin bread the stray bits of pumpkin were almost like cooked peaches. We'll try the pie with them soon.

      Pumpkins have to have quite a bit of sugar though. An aquantance baked their pumpkins for not as long (they were in the stringy yellow stage still) but we noticed a s
  • I like Jones Cream Soda, but only when it is very, very cold. I don't know what it is about the taste, but anything above just freezing, and its awful. Super cold, it rocks.


  • has a tent at Epcot in which they serve different sodas from around the world. There's one they sell in Italy which is just awful, not hobo vomit awful, but bad enough.
  • I have no problem with brussels sprouts, but I have to say that there is something very unholy and vile about the idea of brussels sprout soda. You are a brave man, indeed.

  • a) I love anchovis pizza... (with extra anchovis)
    b) Brussels sprouts are delicious. My mom prepares them perfectly, and I can say that I manage quite well myself.
  • Thanks for the good read.

    You make me curious enough that I'm intending to try some if somebody offers.

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