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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Going back to my roots... 20

And my roots at slashdot? Bitchin at editors.

So, Taco posts about MIT's StarWars Musical, and adds the line:
Hopefully someone has the decentsy to stealth a digital camera in and post torrents.

I emailed daddypants the moment I saw this, since this is just screaming 'lawsuit.'
Being ignored, I ripped Taco one. Score:5 almost immediately. Then, I get tagged by 4 downmods in under a minute, and he changes the line to:
Hopefully someone has the decentsy to stealth a digital camera in and post torrents before the premiere so it can be just like the features.

Changed, but still not for the better. Come on, its still asking for people to do the illegal. People moan about the MPAA cracking down on torrents even though all of them aren't illegal, then somethign like this is said out in the open?

Why do I venture out onto the frontpage again (other than [tT]uesday)?
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Going back to my roots...

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  • I would have bitched about him misspelling "decency", but that's me. I'm an English grad. As you all know. :)
  • Of being coorect and reasonable. This comment [] was down to a -1 within a minute of being posted, though I thought it was a funny of calling Sony to task. It has since improved and, I might add, was an honest to goodness FP on the Front Page!

    Back to your point, a much better imploring would have been something along the lines of "Hopefully MIT will see it worthwhile to tape the performance and share it with those of us who won't be able to attend."

  • I still First Posted your ass! Pwn0rz and all that.

    O.K., sorry. I fully support your viewpoint. I just thought it was interesting that we were posts 1 and 2.

    • Yeah, you barely inched by. I had my post prepped so I could get an early post in and have it all typed and thought out.

      Just got lucky when I checked to see if it had gone live :D
  • Then, in the next article, Taco quotes a submitter sniffing "Like many of us, he is offended by the fact that the fact that the record labels and movie studios treat their customers like criminals."

    Criminals! Where'd they ever get an idea like that?

  • Decency, not decentsy. Another misspelling on the front page...

    I swear, this guy has not the least shred of professionalism or motivation for at the very least doing a "good job".

    • Whats bad is it started out as 'deceny' then changed to 'decentcy' then changed to 'decency' then changed BACK to 'decentcy' and now back to the right way.
      Dude, has a free plugin to google to solve the situation quickly... surprised they aren't using it...
      • has a free plugin to google to...

        How much technology is required for a college graduate to spell a commonly used seven letter word? Yeah, I must be new here and all that shit. But seriously, these highly educated intellectuals, who work with text day in and day out to earn their paychecks, can’t spell at the ninth grade level without the entire internet and a half eaten can of cashews to back them up?

        I mean, fuck. I’m a query monkey (among many, many other things). If I could not
      • Even worse? His beloved operating system now includes the Oxford English Dictionary for easy searching [].
  • [Obi-Was]It's only illegal, from a certain point of view.[/Obi-wan]

    Making that comment does seem wrong. But not as wrong as a company enforcing its naming regulations.

    And while reading the comments, I had an epiphany. The editors do edit. It's just that they use their readers as a source of free proof-reading.

    So, do you reckon the rapid down-mods was the act of an editor? Don't they have unlimited moderating abilities?
    • Going against company naming regulations would get you a slap on the wrist or losing your job at most. Going against the law (not saying its right, but its the law) can cost you large sums of money and possibly jail time.

      And, yes, I thought it was an editor downmod, and they have already admitted that they all have unlimited mod'ing ability.
      • Going against company naming regulations would get you a slap on the wrist or losing your job at most.

        I was talking about the belly-aching that happened on the front page a while back. CmdrTaco was told by some video game (everquest?) that his name was illegal as it was company policy that no rank/title prefixes were allowed. And, to much fanfare, he posted his thoughts on it.
  • I remember that story, and what FortKnox says is true.

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