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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Football: Thoughts 28

Eagles: TO is out. He should be and will be, hopefully. The only team I see taking a chance on TO right now is the Raiders. Can you imagine TO as the flanker and Randy Moss as the split end on the same team? Scary, except they'll need a top of the line QB who can satisify both their egos without creating one of his own...
The running game is what is really hurting the Eagles. I think its time for a little rebuilding and licking of wounds. The defense is solid, but underachieving and expensive. An small overhaul over a year or two could really make this the team that goes all the way and wins it.

Steelers: Duce Staley may have just played himself back into the starting role. Cowher has some tough decisions to make before the end of the year. Faced up against a brick wall, Duce can still get 3 or a couple more yards, while Willie Parker would get gammed for no gain. But on the flip side, when Duce gets into the secondary, he eventually gets brought down, while Willie could easily blow it into a touchdown.
My prediction? If the Steelers do make the superbowl, and/or Jerome decides to retire (if they make the superbowl, bettis is gone... if not, its up in the air), then I see Duce as the featured back and Willie as the change of pace back. Verron Haynes, the current 3rd down back, is pretty much gone with the current stable of RBs they have.

Bengals: On their bye week, you can guarantee that Marvin Lewis is concentrating on one thing: Stopping the run. If the defense can step up and stop the run, then this is a very dangerous team!

Colts: I predict the Colts will lose tonight. Belichick will scheme them to death, shocking an undefeated team who hasn't played anyone. If not, it will give the Colts too much confidence going into the games against SD, Cincy, and Pittsburgh.

Cardinals: Pick a new coach, Arizona. I'd be throwing as much money at Charlie Weis as humanly possible (though I don't think Charlie will leave for a good 5 years). Get yourself a coach who isn't either side of the fence (not a total player coach, nor a gustapo coach like Green). Get someone who will spend 3 years to rebuild the team into a playoff contender! You're becoming the new Bengals!
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Football: Thoughts

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  • T.O. *might* go to Green Bay for the rest of the season, only because they have no receivers and nothing to lose at this point. Maybe put Brett with a guy who can run and catch passes for the rest of his last year. Then let T.O. go and get to rebuilding that team. The Pack, I mean. I could give a crap about the Eagles, unless they're playing the Redskins, in which case I want Reid's boys to win. Otherwise? *yawn*

    Cards - Charlie ain't a-goin nowhurs. And if he were, why go to AZ? I mean, if I'm him, I'm st

    • First of all, we are past the trade deadline, so if anything the Eagles will have to drop TO, or keep him and hope to trade him to get something out of it in the offseason.

      And why would Weis go to Arz? Same reason Marvin Lewis went to Cincinnati. When a team is desperate and free agents won't even bother coming because you sport a losing team, a coach needs to come in, change the philosophy and everything in the team, generate some wins, and become the savior of the town. Think about it... Marvin Lewis
      • Weis just signed an extension - he's locked through 2015. When asked why, Weis mentioned that he's a ND alumnus and wanted his son to be one as well.

        Yes, my first love in College Football is Ohio State. #2 is definitely Notre Dame, and so I'm hoping Weis stays around for a while especially with how he's turned them around this year.

        And yeah.. Weis is going to get Notre Dame a National Championship. Maybe in 2007, cause the Buckeyes are winning it next year, and after that, will be a rebuilding year. (Tr

    • TO ain't going anywhere. Can't trade now. They'll try to suspend for 4 and then 'Keshawn' him. He's done in Philly.
      What's more, almost 25% of the league couldn't afford him, even if he were cut either now (not likely) or at the end of the season.

      Raiders don't have cap space. So they're out. So is Atlanta. Forget Green Bay, Favre won't want him. (If Reid doesn't like him, guarantee Bret won't. Remember, Reid was Bret's QB coach when he came into his own.)

      Detroit: Mariucci.
      San Fran: enough said.
      • If Reid doesn't like him, guarantee Bret won't. Remember, Reid was Bret's QB coach when he came into his own.

        I did forget about that. You're right. I was thinking not trade but more release and catch. And the possibility (sorry, *probability*) is there that T.O. knew his time was up in Philly and was buttering up Brett because they're the only team that really, really needs a receiver right now and he was probably angling for something to happen along those lines. "I'll play nice, Coach Sherman! Brett is

        • The other thing to remember about Green Bay (besides they're in cost-savings mode) is that Bret was ripping Javon Walker (and Drew Rosenhaus) for doing what TO was threatening to do, namely holding out.

          TO is pretty much toast. I'll be glad if (when) they announce as much.
    • The Pack, I mean. I could give a crap about the Eagles, unless they're playing the Redskins, in which case I want Reid's boys to win. Otherwise? *yawn*
      Oh, snap! Sorry Sam. They won. And I'm too much of a Skins fan to not pour some salt in that wound.

      But I'm a fair guy. Just bring up the Giants game and I'll wince so much you'd think I have a serious facial tic.
      • Hey, Cliffy!

        Well, like I said, I'm no fan of either, really. After my Rams moved to St. Loo, I took up with my then 2nd favorite team...the Patriots. Who knew? :) And of course, someone had to move into 2nd place, so I picked the next-saddest-sack team there was at the time, the Bucs. Again, who knew?

        But, living in Colorado again, I've taken up the Broncos, too. Luckily they all don't play each other too much. :)

        Can we at least agree that T.O. is a total dip? I thought we could.

  • 1) Terrell Owens is like Puff Daddy -- one of those people where I just can't understand why everyone gets so excited over him. Yeah, he's a great receiver and a great athlete, but he's not a winner, he ruins teams and he's just not interesting. Just because he constantly gins up these fake-ass "controversies" doesn't mean he has to be given attention. He's essentially a troll.

    2) Chop-blocking may be legal, but teams that systematically do it in a dangerous way (Broncos, Falcons) should be called on it.


    • Re ATL and DEN chop blocks. Same oline coach, alex gibbs, taught both O-lines how to do that. Thats part of the reason that denver (and atlanta) gain so many yards on the ground, their o linemen play dirty. Bring back the headslap and remove the penalties for defensive holding and this problem is resolved.
      • Same oline coach, alex gibbs, taught both O-lines how to do that.

        I hadn't known that, but had noticed that they use it the same way. They constantly cut and chop behind the play to keep defenders from pursuing.

        As far as I'm concerned, blocking below the waist should be illegal, period. But if the league won't do that, at least the media should get on teams who try to blow out ACLs, instead of just tut-tutting about it when someone goes out for the year.

    • It looked like McNabb tried to fake a spike and run a play, without the line knowing.

      That's exactly what happened. The Skins picked it up perfectly.

  • TO is a very talented WR, but the dissension he brings to a team causes far more problems than he can ever cure. Whoever takes him has got to be either A) desperate, or B) have an out of control ego which believes that they can control him. 'luck with that.

    If the Colt swin tonight, then I think they'll win the Superbowl. If they don't win tonight, then they won't survive the playoffs. That's my $.02, and FWIW, I think they win tonight.

    My understanding of 'Zona is that their main impediment to winnin

    • My understanding of 'Zona is that their main impediment to winning is dysfunctional and negative owning. Until the owners get out of the way, it doesn't matter who wins.

      Same thing was said about the Bengals. I think part of Marvin Lewis' contract was he was to take care of the PR and mike brown (owner of the Bengals) will sit back and enjoy the ride instead of being in the lime light.

      Arizona has the WRs... need the QB AND RB. Would you take Leinhart or Reggie Bush with Arizona?? Depends on the free
      • Would you take Leinhart or Reggie Bush with Arizona?? Depends on the free agent market, I'm guessing...

        If I was Arizona, I'm not sure I'd draft Leinhart. Yes, USC is 2-time BCS Champs, and Leinhart is a big reason why - to a point. Look at USC's Offensive Line, it's stellar - and the big guys up front is where your offense always starts (and why Pittsburgh is so good right now).

        Leinhart is a fantastic pocket passer, and would be great in a team with a good O-Line.

        He might not be such a good fit with t

        • I hadn't thought about how porous 'Zona's line was. Vince Young's mobility and passing ability would probably make for a better fit. Either way though, until they go the Cincy route and let the coaching staff do tehir thing, they'll continue to dwell in mediocrity.
  • I can't see them doing anything until, and my heart breaks to say it, management changes.

    Time to retire Al, you've done a lot for the league and football, but it's time to let go.
    • I think a head coaching change is necessary. They have the talent. I totally believe in LaMont Jordan and the WRs, but I don't like how Norv is handling the offense. I'm not a big Collins fan, either. Draft a quality QB (hell, give Tuiasasopo a chance... I think he's got serious potential!), and get a new coach.
      Yeah, Al needs to step away, but not necessarily retire. Just step away (much like Mike Brown and the Bengals).
      • I agree on Tui.
        They've wasted 2 years that could have been spent giving him experience.
        I'm not a collins fan. but neither was I a Gannon or george fan. I want a McNair, Plummer or Manning.
  • green isn't the problem in arizona. it's the owners
  • Instead of scheming the Colts to death Belichick spent most of the night looking angry and confused........

  • come on man, we're part of the AFC north too. we beat a sad Titans team. but hey, a win is a win =-)
    • Rueben Droughns... my original thought: Product of the denver running machine. I was mistaken. Kudos to Phil Savage on that aquisition. He isn't the hardest running, but he's tough and plays with tons of heart.
      The team is playing above the mediocre talent they are. That rookie WR Braylon Edwards is the real deal. The defense needs a major upgrade. Once they get a couple drafts under their belt, they'll be able to challenge the steelers and bengals. They are a better team than the Ravens and should f

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