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It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal FortKnox's Journal: Need a Laugh?? 10

Reading some of the journals lately, they are either serious topics or very intense topics. Allow me to provide some comic relief.

The reviews of Henry Raddick. He writes fake reviews on topics that look real for the first few sentences, but get quarky towards the end. Some of his recent ones aren't gut-buster funny, but keep reading, cause some of them will have you blurting out laughs...
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Need a Laugh??

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  • Shoeboy, who hasn't been around here in a while as far as I know (although it's not the sort of thing I'd know), was the king of trolls, responsible for gems like Linus' April Fools mail [] to the LKML.

    His review [] of Sodomy and the Pirate Tradition: English Sea Rovers in the Seventeenth-Century Caribbean is my favorite bit of Amazon abuse.

    Truth is, serious Amazon reviews are pretty foolish anyway. I burst out laughing at the reviews of C++ For Dummies. The book doesn't make it clear that it's targeted at readers who know a little C, producing reviews saying things like, "This book is entirely inappropriate for dummies!"

    And then there are the folks who think "Insufficient character development!" is a critique to be aimed at any book, including dictionaries and programming texts. One gets the impression they learned one thing in high school English and stick with it.

  • He has developed some great characters over the course of reviews. Uncle Sandy has to be my favorite. He seems to be a transgendered homophobe.
    What's with all the Pug dog reviews? His picture is even a dressed up pug.

  • I bought this book for my wife. Flamenco is the dust of the bull-ring, the flounce of the gypsy's skirt and the crazy clatter of castanets. Flamenco swaggers. Flamenco pleads. Flamenco is the beating heart of Andalusia. Flamenco is NOT a tanked-up Englishwoman embarrassing her husband in a hotel bar in Seville.

    Surviving Divorce: A Handbook for Men
    by Gay Search

    A well-written and challenging book which I bought for my Uncle Sandy as he attempts to cope with the aftershock of divorce. Unfortunately he thought the author's name was a coping strategy being suggested and he refused to read it.

    Ahh, I haven't had this much fun on amazon since the Family Circus fake reviews!
  • Look at how many people found his reviews to be helpful. :)

  • *laugh* Reminds me of "Lazlo Toth" (Don Novello(sp?)) who wrote letters to a bunch of companies and politicians, then published them with the responses.

    My favorite Lazlo Letters were the exchange with Johnson & Johnson trying to explain to him how to use Mr. Bubble (he had been confused by the warning on the box that "for best results Mr. Bubble should be kept dry") and with NASA, when he called them to task for planning to incinerate a scoop of Martian soil and look for the "smoke" from organics to detect life. As Lazlo pointed out, this wouldn't prove that there was life on Mars, but that "there had been life of Mars, and you killed it!"

    Thanks for posting it!

    -- MarkusQ

  • ...and it took me a while to see them for what they were: satire, in a most unexpected form.

    Book reviews as satire. And they say the internet isn't good for anything aside from pr0n and *shudder* e-Bay.

    Thanks for the laugh, FK. I needed it. Especially since my back has flared up and I can barely walk, today.

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