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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Religion vs Science.... 9

[Someone] said Thursday the faithful should listen to what secular modern science has to offer, warning that religion risks turning into "fundamentalism" if it ignores scientific reason.

Who said it? You may be surprised.

(Actually you shouldn't be surprised, cause JP2 wrote many papers on the merging of science and religion).
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Religion vs Science....

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  • The evolution-versus-creationism stuff in the US is just a pretext for class and social conflicts that are largely irrelevant to the Catholic Church, in the Vatican and even here. It's not especially about religion, and honestly, it's barely about science for most of the people on the other side.
    • I was going to say...

      warning that religion risks turning into "fundamentalism" if it ignores scientific reason.

      How often does this guy visit America? I'd think we're crossing that "risk" threshold.

    • Most people don't realize that the Roman Catholic Church, while a hierarchy, is actually an upsidedown hierarchy- the higher your post, the more is expected of you. I wonder how much time it will take before Pope Benedict XVI figures out that he campainged himself into virtual slavery.....
  • I've always looked at religion and science as being concerned with different questions, and different spheres of expertise. As with anything else, they each have things from which we can learn.
  • There's a great article in the current Esquire (Jessica Biel is on the cover as the sexiest woman alive) about intelligent design.

    Just a heads-up (possibly to give you an excuse for ogling Miss Biel)...

  • Is that he said it Thursday- are science magazines channeling the dead now? :-)

    Still, it's Catholic doctrine that there is NO conflict between science and religion- where they appear to conflict, it's OUR interpretation of either religious or scientific revelation that is wrong. This is *completely* within Catholic thought since the Reformation- and even before. We've got an entirely different story about Galileo than the Anglicans do for that reason....

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