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Journal FortKnox's Journal: F Target Medication 17

This stupid chest cold!
I have no fever, so I've been working and such and haven't been to the doctor. I'm losing my voice from the coughing, so I got this sexy barry white thing going on. My chest hurts from all the coughing. Up until today (so, like 5 days) 99% of the coughs are dry and unproductive...

So starting Tuesday, I got some meds and started taking them. I have liquid 'Tussin' expectorant/suppresant (yeah, odd combo but the only expectorant I could find... Target generic brand). It came with a measurement cup. You could easily see that it was a 2 tbspn cup, because it had the tbpsp's marked strongly. When I first noticed the dosage, I saw '2', things clicked and I was taking 2 tblsp's. I take this in the morning to knock crap lose and get it out of my system. It only lasts four hours, so around lunchtime I switch to suppresant pills, (6 hour variety) and I take another dose close to bedtime to let me sleep).
Its been mostly working well, but at night, I've been getting worse and worse and worse, and last night, I had been practically coughing up my lung.
This morning I realized why. I'm almost out of the liquid stuff, which I thought was a jip. Well, I want to see if there was any markings on how long this jar would last and if I'd have to go get more... that's when I reread the dosing. The adult dosage was 2 TSP! I had been taking more than 3X the dosage. No wonder I'm hacking up like mad at night. I take the normal dosage this morning (yes, there was tsp measurements on the cup, just not as prominent as the tblsp lines). It's working great this morning... everyone thinks I'm dying, but at least shit is coming up and out of my lungs.....
Still pissed at the Target brand, though. If you are going to add a measurement cup, at least make it a little more obvious where the adult dosage is incase sick and miserable people that aren't in their right mind read the dosage chart and skip the actual measurement (see... this is why I'm not a chemist)...
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F Target Medication

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  • that sounds like it could easily turn to pneumonia.
    • No fever, though... how can you get pneumonia without a fever.

      Richard... you around for some advice??
      • pneumonia refers to a lot of different infections, IIRC.

        I would treat this as a chest cold- lots of rest, LOTS of fluids, don't panic, and stop taking cough suppressant. Instead, stick with the expectorant- they do make a cough medicine for severe chest colds, and i think it's called exactly that, guafenesin... i had to get blinder to take capsules of it recently because the liquid had alcohol and he wouldn't touch it. *sigh* it worked.

        try propping yourself up at an angle for sleep- this will let your lung
        • Look at color being gross? With IBS and Colon Cancer in the family, mucus color is far from being gross ;)
          Its been brown for a few days... I'm guessing that has 'infection' written all over it, but the lack of fever still makes me feel like going to the dr's is overkill...
          • Flus and colds can turn into pneumonia, too. That's how I got double pneumonia in 1997. Go somewhere quiet, like your bathroom or garage, and listen to yourself breathe in slowly and deeply. Do you hear or feel crackling inside? If so, at least go see a doc in the box.
        • The pills of this stuff [] taste awful in an ear wax sort of way, at prescription dosage levels.
        • *Sigh* If I move up there, we're curing blinder of his aversion to alcohol. I have a good case record on this. 10/10. I am buffer, corrupter of souls.

          Anyway, yea, I shall have to hatch a plot. Nyquil is a good thing if you can take it.
      • What is pneumonia? []
        If it became pneumonia -- then you would get the fever. I've had a bad allergy season lead to pneumonia. All you need is enough crap in your lungs over a long enough period of time and BAM!! lights out. And once you get pneumonia, as I understand it, it is easier to get it again.
  • I swig at those things like they're whiskey. I don't think I've ever consciously measured meds for myself.
  • That's more or less how Jimi Hendrix died...
  • but not to sick for Civ4? (grin) Flu bugs suck. Hope your family dodges the bug.
  • by nizo ( 81281 ) *
    You need to come get your cold back; I don't want it anymore :-( It sounds exactly like what I have had for a few days now. Thank god for sudafed and hot showers, after which I get to hack up nasty yellowish-brown gobs.

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