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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Coolest thing happened a couple days ago... 6

My wife had to run to the store and Jenna was already in bed. Joey still had time to play, so I was just watchin TV and letting him play. He comes up to me and in his hand is the gamecube version of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. He says, "Play this, daddy!"
I'm not one to argue, so I pop it in, pull down two controllers and give him one (its single player, but well too advanced for him, so he thinks he's playing). He ends up just sitting around telling me what to do. We had a blast (though he almost always wants me to swim in the water).
I tell him what signs say and what the names of things are up until his mother gets home. She, of course, thinks I just fooled him into sitting around watching me play games. I tried to explain it was all his idea and he was enjoying it and we were bonding and all that, but she's still leary.
Was damn fun for him to point at anything that looks like a fish and say "Thats a ZOOOORA!" :D

Had a good amount of time last night, so I finally fired up a good long game of Civ4. In honor of the Thanksgiving season, where the Indians were kinda enough to share food with the pilgrims to keep them alive and how we pleasantly killed most of them and robbed them of their lands.... I have selected to play the Aztecs, and brought the Incas and both Americas (Washington and FDR) into the mix. Played on the second largest map, and I must say... it DOES get pretty big, so I'll stop complaining about that...

I played at the next difficulty, and have barbarians on the normal setting. Well, after establishing four cities (and founded Judaism, Hinduism, and Christianity), I started getting attacked by barbs.... and again... and again... and I lost two major cities. So I reload and start beefing up military to handle the incoming barbs. They come nonstop!
Finally, I get teched up enough for my speciality unit, the Jaguar, and start pumping them out... I go out on the offensive (cause once you have good city defense, the barbs start going after infastructure to lure you out of the towns... good AI!). I discover that barbs will establish actual towns and pump out barb after barb after barb and attack you. Since they don't explore that much (and the new code makes it so the AI doesn't know the map), once they find someone nearby, they just invade until one side rules. It isn't easy taking cities in Civ4 (much much harder than in Civ3, especially with specialized troops, and the AI is smart to keep city defenders fortified in their cities). Oh yeah, and the barbs also tech up and start sending in more advanced troops, and their cities do get larger.
Eventually, I teched up to artillery and sent my catapults to bombard the city to death and swarmed them with jags to take over. Was a great game, though, and I'm definately back into that 'one more turn' frame of mind.

The only bad part was how the night ended. Julius Caesar, who kept demanding things from me (and I, of course, don't play that) declared war on me. He lives way out near washington, so I may go and hit both up at the same time. I create a giant jag invasion force, and my entire computer crashes (as in, restarts itsself). I have an extremely stable system, so this was disheartening. Guess I'll have to wait for the patch...
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Coolest thing happened a couple days ago...

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  • by daeley ( 126313 )
    I create a giant jag invasion force, and my entire computer crashes (as in, restarts itsself).

    Sounds like the AI is a little *too* smart for its own britches. ;D
  • my entire computer crashes (as in, restarts itsself).

    Yeah, that was your system bluescreening. Re-enable it because at least it is informative. Restarting says squat: it could just as well have been a problem with power (small drop of voltage... computers usually reboot) At least that way you can make the difference.

    Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> System -> Advanced -> Startup and Recorvery. Uncheck "Automatically restart".

    It's the worst innovation Microsoft did. I much pre

    • but I've discovered that small, quick power outages usually don't affect my Mac mini, even though they turn off my XP server. (I have restart turned off in the BIOS)

      I'm guessing the power brick actually buffers the supply.
      • I'm guessing the power brick actually buffers the supply.

        That's it: such reboots depend entirely on the powersupply and also how much power is drawn from the powersupply. My old server (P166) that rebooted with a 50% chance I turned on the computer screen that was also attached to the powersupply (remember those days?). Luckily I could do most (read: all) maintenance over SSH.

        turn off my XP server.

        Does not compute.... XP and server in the same sentence and you're not being ironic. Aaaagh! The wo

  • a boo! ;-)

You have a massage (from the Swedish prime minister).