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Good MAME front end?

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  • I have one at home that I use and love it. I'll post it when I get home for you.

    There are also some ROM cleaners out there that help flush out what you don't need and put all of the clones into one file. Much nicer that way. I'll try to get those names for you as well.

    Non-sequitor time. I have a directory on my system somewhere that has 1,900 files or so in it. It is unweildy enough for me to need to back up the 4.1 GB worth of data onto a DVD now instead of spanning multiple CD-ROMS. Any favorite bur
    • I'm running Mame32 [] which has a built in frontend. It is completly compatable with all MAME games AND supports artwork, sound samples, history file, cheats and a TON of other things. Filters so you can weed out clones/originals, searching by manufacturer, year created, genre are also supported. Custom filters (including a "favorites" catagory) can be handy as well.

      It also supports DirectX sound and video acceleration with endless global and per-game tweaking possible. Handy for vector based games, resizin
      • I use mame32 as well. We should set up some repository for scientific and proof of concept reasons only of course.
      • Kewl, I know I didn't ask, but I wasn't aware of the cleaners. That's been one of my big frustrations, all the cruft.
        • There are .dat files for ClrMame Pro for different versions of Mame and assorted other emulators. It will do complete rezipping of files in a directory so they are all compressed the way YOU want them. Just make certain you have at least double the space free of your ROM directories. You need one or more "in" directories and an output directory. It CAN delete the unused files, but I like to err on the side of caution here.
  • well, I've never used any, and especially not on windows. I have heard good things about using mame in mythtv
  • Are you done with Civ4 already? Now you have to play 10 bajillion arcade games?

    • Heh... naw... I can't just start a civ4 game when I only have like 30 minutes to spare, so I'll plop into a game of like X-Men: Children of the Atom, do some fighting then go to sleep. If I started a Civ4 game at 10, I wouldn't be able to work the next day...

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