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Journal FortKnox's Journal: My Weekend 12

Well, I missed out on simply shutting my bedroom door and Civ4'ing it all day because I went to my parents house this weekend (even if I didn't, there's no way my wife would let me get away with gaming all day). Was a pretty good weekend. My brother in law was in the area near canton (my parents live in Medina, OH, which is between akron/canton and cleveland). He got to see the kids for a couple hours on Saturday, but I was able to relax and get some stuff done.
My parents, as I mentioned before, live out away from the big cities, at a country club (the fourth hole is part of their back yard). This is why I love bringing my telescope when I travel to their house. As luck would have it, Saturday night was completely clear, so I got a nice shot of Mars. I was out long enough, and my night vision trained enough that I could see the dark and light spots on the surface (dust storm!). Was a great night to be out on the scope. Sunday after church we went apple picking with the kids. They loved it and we ended up with far too much apples (will be making bethanies apple crisp, some apple pies, and finding other recipes to use). Mostly got melrose apples with a couple small red deliciouses.

Bad part of the weekend starting Saturday... Started getting sniffles and a sore throat. By last night, I was in a constant state of coughing (and when I cough too hard, I get the hiccups... am I weird, or does this happen to others??). Its just worse today... my chest aches from coughing too much... Am leaving early and getting some medicine on my way home.

For the record, I am not going to be dressing up, but Joey will be an 'Incredible' and Jenna will be a Duck for halloween. Will post pics when we take'm tomorrow.

And the Steelers will absolutely trounce the Ravens tonight. I'll expect at LEAST a 21 point difference by halftime, so I can go to sleep early and start healing.

And I leave you with a quote (feel free to guess where its from, but you SHOULD know...):
Duke Guy: Sire! You look just like the piss boy!
King: And you look like a sack of shit!
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My Weekend

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