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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Not As Popular As I Once Thought.... 17

Here's a neat spidered chart of the slashdot relationships from (as I was told) bedessen. Originally, I thought I was pretty popular, but the graph doesn't seem to make it look that way... It looks like it hasn't been completely finished, though.

This has been up for a while, btw, but its the first time I've seen it.

Actually, on second look, I don't know if I'm even reading this chart correctly?
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Not As Popular As I Once Thought....

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  • ...many people on the list...

  • ...It looks like it was developed sometime when I first started posting to my journal, based upon numbers alone. And anyway, how is it read? There's the green lines and the sienna lines, all with different directions of pointers... The top cluster of junk looks like the troll circle, and the middle looks like editors and then our circle with FK at the center or rather here, the top, is just to the right of that... If it is true, then we really are the only major network besides the editors and the trolls, just as suspected.

    I wouldn't worry either, FK, because it looks a little antiquated for you too, you are much more popular than it appears. There are only 32 lines leaving your little bubble there... a big understatement. If those lines, regardless of color, indicated fans alone, I would have more lines coming out of my bubble than you out of yours.

  • I think I can pickup on how to interpret this.

    First, each node represents a user, duh.

    A line indicates relationship, with an arrow indicating direction. Color represents friend or foe as green or red, respectively.

    For example, if user A makes user B a friends, a green line is made from A to B, pointing at B. If B then makes A a friend, the line becomes bi-directional.

    However, if user B were to make user A a foe, I think you would have two lines, one going each way.
    • Nope. I just figured it out. Green lines always have arrows at both ends. That indicates that the relationship is mutual, both friends. The sienna lines are unilateral relationships, with the arrow indicating who's friends with who. That's why CmdrTaco has so many sienna arrows pointing in... he only has a few friends and he has a lot of fans. More proof of this is me, because I have zero foes and zero freaks, and although I once had one freak, there are many more sienna lines associated with my bubble.
      • And, based upon that logic, if we can agree friendships (bilateral relationships) are the ideal measure of popularity, then it looks like FK is doing quite well, but the most popular fellow is Forged, followed by Big Ass Spork. Strange, I never saw that one coming....
        • Hrm... I just need to setup more 'friends' that are my fans... ;-)
        • I did. Well sorta. Forged rules. Everybody loves Forged. :)

          Now I was quite disapointed that recursive and ObviousGuy were not on the list. What up with that?
          • No, Forged wasn't surprising... now Big Ass Spork, that was surprising. As it stands, the page is both old and incomplete. RWS said something about friend lists being allowed to get no bigger than 200. His has been capped at 200. Given that, and the size of RWS's list, and the number of relationships taken from his bubble, the page is very much incomplete. Assuming that is true, recursive would mess things up badly and make it a really messy page. Who's ObviousGuy?
            • Who's ObviousGuy?

              Well the simple answer is that he's an American guy working in Japan doing QA. He's also my favorite troll. He the only troll know who get modded up to 5 on a regular basis. Basically he says posts the most obvious herdthink things as a satire on /. in general. The moderators however don't catch on and mod him up to 5. It's really funny to watch. Plus he's just a cool guy in general.
  • Neat stuff... many of my favorite /bots and trolls are there too.
  • by Com2Kid ( 142006 )
    Considering there are only a few dozen lines tops going in / out of your bubble, well, since lines only connect to other users who are on the chart, but hmm. . . .


    I think we need an up to date one made with more then one data representation format. :-D We all know that once arranged properly data can be made to show whatever it is you need it to show. ;-)
  • The reason it doesn't look like you might expect is that I had to limit the number of nodes on there somehow. I think the limits on that one were something like: to be included one needed minimum 15 fans, minimum 20 friends, and stop graphing after 1000 edges or 300 nodes. So there are a lot of folks that were pruned because they didn't meet the minimum number of fans or friends requirements. If I don't limit the number somehow, I end up with a huge graph that isn't too useful... I'm still trying to find a good method of making the graph meaningful but not huge at the same time, a work in progress. One idea is to enforce a certain depth: start with user X and spider 'n' levels deep and stop. FYI, currently my spider starts at CmdrTaco because it's a pretty well connected node (check out his friends.)

    • One idea is to enforce a certain depth: start with user X and spider 'n' levels deep and stop. FYI, currently my spider starts at CmdrTaco because it's a pretty well connected node (check out his friends.)

      Ha six degrees of CmdrTaco. I wounder what my Taco number is? Ha found it. CmdrTaco is friends with Pudge. Pudge is friends with Chrisd. Chrisd is friends with Banky. Banky is friends with red5. That makes me a 4. Yeah baby!
      • Ditto. I think that most everybody will end up with either a 4 or a 5, Banky is the entrance into the main FK group from CT, and thus from Banky you can get to pretty much any other user on /. in one or two steps.
  • I'm in the middle of the graph, therefore, the universe revolves around me. Finally conclusive evidence of my theory. :-)

    Just kidding, that's a neat little thing to see though.

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