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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Management just slippin away... 6

Yesterday evening, got called into our account managers office. At my current client, there is a project management position open. Its a rough job dealing with tough end users. Needs heavy tech background, and they are asking for a developers price for a pm job. My name flew into the radar, and I was asked if I was interested. Gave the AM two thumbs up, just what I've been waiting for... a project that needs the technical expertise, but will give me the rare PM experience to add to my resume. Would be my open door to management.

Best of all, its my current client bosses boss, whom knows my skills well. She is all about me moving into such a position, too. The only hard point comes down to who I'd be working for. Its me previous client boss (he moved up into this position). He sees me as a solid coder, but not someone who could juggle all the balls at once and someone who could take this position on.

His worries are somewhat warranted. I did a poor job of estimation of projects for him before, and, although I've done a good job, I just don't think he thinks I'm cut out for this type of job. I stopped by to try and sell myself to him and see where he was on it, but its hard to sell yourself to someone who's been your boss for the past year, up until a few weeks ago.
I could go to the bosses boss, and she's the one who loves giving opportunities, but my previous boss is who gets the final call. In our discussion, he said things like "I dunno even where we are going to go with this position" and similar things... just didn't seem to be a good thing. Don't know what else to do... if it was someone else who wasn't sure, I could sell myself for the position,b ut this guy already knows me... should just twiddle my thumb, hope for the best and expect the worst.

But, hey, if I'm being considered for this type of position, that means I'll be there in no time... just looks liek this opportunity isn't going to happen...
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Management just slippin away...

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  • are you really sure you want to be a "manager"?

    it's fucking hard. it's really fucking hard if you're a control freak. it's really really fucking hard if you have shred of creativity left in you and you're a control freak.

    yeah money.

    gimmie my fucking wrenches back.
    • are you really sure you want to be a "manager"?

      Is there any other (legal) way to fulfill that lifelong dream we all have of rolling naked in a large pile of money?

    • As much as I am a techie, I'm even more a people person. Its just where I 'fit'.
      • >As much as I am a techie, I'm even more a people person. Its just where I

        Like you, as much as I am a techie, I'm even more a people person - but I think I'm more suited for Sales Engineering or some kind of a high level customer service role (eg Technical Account Management) than in a management role. I have seen great people-person engineers going to management and then having reduced productivity or giving up because they found that management was not what they expected. It's not so much tha

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