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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Civ 4 Second Impression 9

OK, I went ahead and ran through the tutorial since there is new stuff. Yeah, I had to be patient to go through the easy stuff, but did learn how much more culture is important to the game and how the algorithms behind culture work. The person that walks you through is some dude named 'Sid' that is wearing a funky firaxis shirt (yeah, the gamegod himself walks you through the tutorial... what's more is that every technology you gain, the description is read by lenord nimoy).

I've reclaimed my enjoyment of the game. The difficulty levels are really low by default, but the computer doesn't cheat and know the map in this game. Instead they get negative or positive bonuses depending ont he difficulty level. I have been told, the levels around the 'noble' difficulty means more of an even playing field for computer and user alike, so I'm going to try that level, next. I am learning how to use religion (not just for communication, but are big culture creators) and the new 'special people' (last night I got imotep, moses, and some other great people). I've also been told that some people complained about the map sizes in the beta, and so they suggest running the max sized map, which is, supposedly, enormous.

Anywho, after getting used to it, I'm back on the Civ bandwagon :D
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Civ 4 Second Impression

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  • by daeley ( 126313 )
    Sounds awesome. Now I just have to wait until 'early 2006'.

    Harrumph! []
    • At least they are porting it.

      I went cold turkey at home from Windows a couple of years ago. My policy for games:
      - No Linux?
      - No Mac?
      * No sale!

      I'm simply not interested in a game unless it's available for Mac or Linux. I'm not interested in running it in Wine, either.

      Fortunately, there are plenty of good games available for Mac and Linux. I don't mind having to wait. Even if I used Windows at home, I'd wait for a few months before buying an expensive game to find out what others felt - there are too many tur
  • Would you advocate its purchase?

    Do you reckon it will consume as much, more, or less time because of its addictiveness?

    I apologize for interrupting your game playing, in the event you read, much less respond, to this inquiry?
    • I'm seeing less addictive playing the game, but I think it has more to do with my lack of time to play than anything else... If I hunkered down for a good gaming section, I'm sure I'd get hooked (though if you are afraid to get hooked, there are advanced features to set timers to take breaks and stuff).
      • though if you are afraid to get hooked, there are advanced features to set timers to take breaks and stuff

        What? So they added some kind of monitor that can alert you after a certain amount of time.

        I can picture this. A pop-up screen that says "You have been playing for 18 consecutive hours. The game will pause for 8 hours so you can catch up on your sleep."


        "You have been active for 8 hours. Don't you think you should stretch your legs, go to bathroom, and maybe eat something?"


        "You have been playing for
        • Or, using a co-marketing plan with Vivendi: "You've been playing for sixteen hours. Can we interest you in a free weekend of World of Warcraft?"


        • Ever played 'Dungeon Keeper 2'? It keys off on your local computer time. If its like 1am, the narator would say funny stuff, like:
          "Due to your late night digilence, you've uncovered a secret gaming tip! GO...TO BED!"

          "There is a retangular object in a near room that is said to have restorative powers! Try using it!"
          And so on :D
  • Except maybe civ one. The battles in Civ 3 were just way to random for my liking.

    I am hooked on Master of Orion 3 though. It was only $10 at gamestop, and since I have already lost countless hours to MoO 2, I figured I might as well give it a try.

    The programmers, forseeing the "one more turn" dilemma, were nice enough to install an in-game alarm clock to remind users that they actually have a life outside the game that I have been making use of. :)
    • The battles are not nearly as random anymore. There was a lot put into the game so that, (and I quote the designer, here) "a spear cannot kill a tank". They simplified the combat so there was no offense/defense, but a general 'strength' then added in the ability to add special abilities when the units level up (like 10% strength increase, or 20% str increase for raiding cities, or 20% increase when in the woods/forest, etc...) so that you can specialize your troops (which is great... I have rangers in the

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