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First Person Shooters (Games)

Journal FortKnox's Journal: Call of Duty Review 8

I've finished Call of Duty last night (so having Civ4 delayed until today wasn't a bad thing).
I honestly loved the game. The atmosphere was unbelievable, the music/soundtrack was perfect, and the AI was pretty decent.
The AI, specifically, had some very good points and one really bad point. First of all, they worked like real soldiers should... they moved from cover to cover in rotating order (just like int he movies and such), and used the cover to attack. They would follow you around, and take cover if you took point. This was great for a kamikaze like me... I'd go after corners and such, and those in the open would be under supressing fire by my teammates, keeping me alive.
One neutral point is that the missions constantly change and you have to get orders from your SO. So the SO is invincible. This is a bad thing you can abuse (use him as a flesh shield). It'd be nice to make him mortal, but I see why they did it (you can get lost REAL easy in that game without orders).
The bad thing? If any of your teammates take point and start getting shot, they stand there and raise their gun in an attempt to fight back. This usually made them a bloody mess if not completely kill them off. I was expecting that if someone was shot (hell, got shot AT), they'd find the nearest cover and hit the dirt! Instead you have a lot of kamikaze fighters that are stupid in the open field.

The best part, though, is the russian campaign. The beginning is the beginning of the movie "Enemy at the Gates" (sans Rachel Weisz, unfortunately). Try and flee, and SO's will start shooting you. You start with a clip and hope that someone with a rifle eventually dies in a place you can get it (you are under extreme fire from placed 42's under german control... you usually stay under cover or get sliced up. I went the whole first part without having a weapon... just going from cover to cover and awaiting reloads. Then in Stalingrad you are eventually promoted and given a sniper rifle. Something I'm absurdly good at, so the rest of the missions I did quite well.

The only two really negative things I can say about the game:
1.) Too easy. Maybe I abused quicksave/quickload, but I found the game to be pretty easy.
2.) Far far far too short! I finished the game in 3 evenings, and I only play from 8pm - 10pm. So ~6hours to finish the entire thing? I found myself wanting more and more and more.

There is a multiplayer, but you won't see me playing it unless I get good reviews from others. The problem with multi in a game like this is instead of playing it as a team (cover to cover), you end up playing it in an every-man-for-himself team deathmatch which I don't dig anymore... I want a real war experience, not 14 year olds telling me I'm a n00b and camper for taking cover and such.
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Call of Duty Review

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  • I want a real war experience, not 14 year olds telling me I'm a n00b and camper for taking cover and such.

    Heh []

    Check out my sig for a less drastic option :-) No CoD server...but if Santa brings a copy of BF2 it's the place to go.

    Luckily there are gaming communities out there that have standards and enforce a more mature attitude.

  • it was hyped up as having the best graphics, but i don't think so. maybe they were talking about the pc version though?

    bought socom3 monday night ... so far, it looks pretty cool

    medal of honor allied assault is damn cool tho
  • I never got the full game, but the demo seemed really cool. I was killed more than once because I was used to games where an area stays clear once you clear it. I'd kill the guy on my left, then start working on the ones to my right, not realizing that somebody else had moved to cover the empty spot I'd made until I was dead. I think the D-Day beach mission in MoH is still one of the most intense game experiences I've had, espcecially on my friend's system. I convinced him to hook up his computer to his
  • I borrowed a copy of Medal of Honor for the PS2; I enjoyed it but there was one aspect that creeped me out: shooting people in the back of the head. For some reason I found that to be a really disturbing aspect of the game; every now and then you would stumble upon someone (radioman or whatever) and you had to shoot them in the back of the head or risk them drawing their weapon and fighting back. Did this kind of scenario happen often in Call of Duty?

    Am I insane for worrying about this kind of thing in a vi

    • You never really had a chance to sneak up on people in call of duty except at the beginning of a copy covert ops missions. Most missions are heat of the battle, a small group of you vs a battalion of them. Head shot, arm shot, leg shot, you just simply shot at them. So I guess, no, you wouldn't have any disturbing sneaking up and popping someone off in the back of the skull in CoD.
    • You can salve your conscience by the fact that if you shoot them in the back of the head, there's no suffering -- as opposed to a wound in the gut which may mean dying over a period of hours!
      • Ahh, where were you when I was struggling with this while playing the game :-) Then again, I suppose I could simply justify it as saving the world from the Nazi war machine....
  • It's good to know to wait for this game to be in the bargain bucket if it only lasts ~6 hours or so.

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