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Real Time Strategy (Games)

Journal FortKnox's Journal: Today is a good day... 6

... for me.... but a bad.... terrible, in fact... day for my family.

I am happy, but to the rest of my family it is a day of mourning, because in 3 days daddy/hubby will be locked away...

Yes, yes... I have preordered Civ4. Due out on Tuesday :D

Showed this to my wife a bit ago... freaked out when Sid was on the actual video... she gave me one of those glances and said "I know its not real, but you should go if it ever becomes real."
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Today is a good day...

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  • He puts the "Mmmm... Hot!" in "Mahatma"!!

    I know that's totally *not* Sol -- but man if it didn't make me think of her :-)


  • Today is a good day to...

    discover the will of Allah

    That's what my brain filled in, anyways. The infidel in me added the caveat, "Allah willing" out of context, which makes it (if you think about it for a minute) pious, but not intentionally. Or maybe it's just Yikes, look at the time!
  • But I gotta warn you, everytime I pre-order a game, it arrives a good 2 or three days after its released in stores. Imagine my horror and consternation in seeing the game I longed for so much, available in stores and yet unable to purchase it. Knowing that I got to wait another 2 days before it arrives from the mail... its enough to drive you mad... I hope it works out better for you. If not, we got a support group available.
    • I preorder at the electronic boutique at my local mall. Used to workt here in college. They get all the games in on time and pull out all preorders and call them before even putting them on the shelf. It'll be there tomorrow and I'll get a call the minute they get the shipment.

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