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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Gmail's Spam Filter Failing? 21

Anyone else notice gmail's spamfilter failing lately? The past couple days, I've been getting tons of spam and nothing is getting marked as spam. Wondered if anyone else noticed this phenomenon...
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Gmail's Spam Filter Failing?

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  • Thanks for striking my heart with an added dose of fear.

    Ah well, I guess it really was too good to last.
  • by blinder ( 153117 ) *
    well... i know this means *nothing* but my gmail spam filter seems to be working just fine.

    i do get a lot of spam... but i never see it... *knock wood* and today there are about 20 items in there.

    (about average what i get a day or so)

    • Same here. No problems.

      Except that blinder invited SJ to help him move, and not me:(

    • Mine is working too. 3381 spams in my spam box. Nothing looks like a false positive. I did have 1 spam this morning, but I tend to get a few per month so that's not abnormal.
  • I've been getting a lot of emails sent to an email list that I'm on. The list host's spam filter has identified them as spam, so I'm getting these messages in my gmail inbox with subject lines like "[SPAM] My Problem Solved Phacrmceutical." You would think that anything labeled SPAM would be filtered by GMail!
  • The popup blocker built in to firefox is letting an awful lot of popups through these days as well.

    Of course, I haven't exactly upgraded lately and am still using 1.0.1, but even so...

    Let me go upgrade now and see if it's any better...
  • All spam filters are starting to fail. Even the excellent SpamAssassin is getting less and less effective - it used to be that SA would give you a spam-free inbox - now, about 50% of spam (and I get an awful lot of it - pre-filters, probably well over 100 spams a day) gets through. To achieve anything remotely spam free I have to run my email through three layers of spam filtering: the SBL/XBL on the server, SpamAssassin on the server, then a spam filter on the client.
    • Ya. Mail.app on OS X used to be pretty good, too. Now I'm getting a couple dozen that get through each day. Still manageable, but annoying.

      SpamAssassin is on one of my mail accounts, and for a while it was doing an awesome job, but it too is letting through a dozen or so each day on an account that's pretty much inactive (I only keep it for legacy reasons).

      Jeez. Do we really have to resort to whitelisting?



  • I never publicise my GMail address anywhere, though, so generally it's just businesses I buy stuff from and my parents who use it. I do get some asian spam daily, but it all gets sent to the spam box. Oh, and I didn't start getting it until I left a note for Adam Curry on his website, and the website listed my address later. So I think that's just name harvesting at work.

    p.s. I've asked Adam several times to remove it, but he ignores me.
  • I'm actually getting legit emails filtered into my spam folder, and on top of that, some of my spam is being labeled...I've seen quite a few with my "friends" label attached.
  • Perhaps. But if it's an adaptive filter, telling it to file some things as spam should make it work better again, no? I seem to recall I've been through a similar cycle a couple of times. More spam for a couple weeks, and then less again.
  • I had 13 emails marked spam yesterday. They were all spam.

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