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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Aglioli With Anchovies 4

In response to Some Woman's Journal Entry on cooking, I'll give you all my favorite recipe (I copied this from my post on it in her journal). The anchovie is a flavor, don't think of it like an anchovie pizza (its not that strong, nor that salty in this dish).

FYI - Aglioli is an italian sauce of olive oil and garlic.

OK, a note about olive oil. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is what you use when you want the flavor of olive oil in your recipe (like salads, etc...). Use regular olive oil for general use.

I prefer extra virgin in this recipe, but its up to your taste.

  • Ingredients:
  • Olive Oil (buy the good stuff, if you can afford it)
  • Enough Capellini (Angel Hair) Pasta for a meal for you (I can eat almost a pound when hungry, the recipe I am giving you can do anything from 1/4lb to about 1.5-2lbs)
  • 2-4 cloves of garlic (depending on how much you love garlic) and garlic press
  • Small frying pan
  • Pot To Boil pasta
  • Two forks to toss
  • Bowl to serve your meal in
  • One (sardine-like) can of anchovies in oil (its small, not like a soup can, usually found near the tuna)
  1. Steps:
  2. Fill up your pot with water, a pinch of salt (optional), and a touch of olive oil (regular stuff). The salt & oil is to prevent the water from boiling over. If you're good at paying attention to the water, just use straight water (although some people say that salt water gives a better flavor to the pasta).
  3. Put the pot on high to boil the water.
  4. Put enough oil in your frying pan to just coat the bottom, place it on the stove, put on medium heat (lower if its gas).
  5. Use the garlic press on the 2-4 cloves, and add to the oil once the oil gets a little hot
  6. As soon as your garlic gets SLIGHTLY golden, add the whole can of anchovies (everything in the can, including the oil)
  7. By now, your water should be at a hard boil, add the capellini to the water
  8. With a wooden spoon (or spatula) stir the anchovies around in the oil and garlic (aglioli). Slowly, the anchovies will begin to break down. As soon it breaks down all the way, put the sauce on low heat.
  9. When the capellini is al dente, drain only for a second. This is a critical step. You do not want dry capellini. You want it slightly damp. I dump the pasta in the drainer, quickly give it one toss, then put it immediately into the bowl I'm serving it in.
  10. Pour the sauce over the pasta, and toss the pasta with two forks. You want to toss it a lot, so that the anchovies won't clump.
  11. Enjoy soon after (anchovies will suck the moisture out of the pasta, so you can't let it sit for too long. Tastes best while still hot, anyway).
  12. All in all, once you get the hang of it, it only takes like 8 minutes to make (the time it takes to cook the pasta). It is, by far, my most favorite dish, and its is sooo simple to make.

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Aglioli With Anchovies

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  • Olive Oil (buy the good stuff, if you can afford it)

    Specifically, do you have some recommendations? What do you consider a "good" olive oil? What would you buy if money were no object? Anything you consider overhyped/overpriced?

    • I always buy bertolli (both regular and extra virgin, but I'm an olive oil junky). Its easy to find in any grocery store. I haven't been to a specialty store lately, but if I do, I'll tell you what I buy.
  • If you substitute Japanese red peppers, you can make a nice quick spicy pasta dinner.

    Use spaghetti or spaghettini too, or the noodles will seem to be too greasy.

    Do everything the same except instead of adding anchovies to the oil, cut up the peppers with shears and mix into the heated oil. Once the pasta is about 30 seconds from perfection, strain and dump it into the sauce. Mix pasta and sauce in the frying pan on medium low heat until the pasta is coated.

    Serve with a whole red pepper on top for presentation. Viola!

    As for olive oil, I've found that Bertolli and Olidi are the best bangs for the buck. Colavita is pretty good, but a little overpriced. Costco olive oil (in the square bottle) is pretty good too, very fruity. I'd stay away from the fancy bottles that cost an arm and a leg.
  • but given Some Woman's response to one of my journals [], I doubt she'll use Extra Virgin Olive Oil. :-) I'm just playing... don't get mad.

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