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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Ask a Subset of /.: New FPS 42

I'd like to pickup a new FPS. Of course, this means, I really am going to pickup a FPS everyone has already played to death and I can score for under $30.
So, I'm thinking Call of Duty or FryCry... somewhere around there. I really would like BF2, but I'll have to wait until after christmas before it hits a more managable price.
So, any suggestions? I already own HL2 (like I'd pass that up... was worth every penny of the $50!), but anything from the CoD/FarCry timeframe... looking for under $30. I'd like opinions on CoD and FarCry and suggestions for other FPS that I may have missed (doesn't even have to be a FPS, but I've been playing RPGs and Strategies lately and need some action).

Update: I may have to put this plan on hold as I just relized Civ4 is due out at the end of the month...
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Ask a Subset of /.: New FPS

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  • The problem with FarCry is that it gets hard, like unfair hard. Like so unfair I put the game down in disgust for a year before picking it up again when I knew I had an invulnerability cheat (something I never do).

    What is the problem? Well there were two things that make the first six levels of FarCry the best: it is completely open-ended and it has deep enemies. There are like a million ways to go through the island levels and that there are human mercenaries that are just fun to toy with (they get bor
    • Have you tried call of duty? Is it any good?
      • No I have not. So I thought it would be best to not give it a break down. I could if you wanted ;p
      • I agree regarding Far Cry. It gets very hard. It's a very good looking game but gameplay-wise it is crap. I hated it with passion. Call of Duty on the other hand is a very good game and you really feel a lot of thought was put in the way you get immersed in the game. I'd go for Call of Duty. I'm not a great fps fan to be honest but I really enjoyed the game.
      • I've played all the way through Call of Duty. It is excellent (and it will run on less beefy hardware than FarCry). I think I played through the entire game in 2 or 3 sessions which is something I rarely get to do with a kid. You get to play American, Russian and Eglish campaigns and they are each completely different in feel. For instance, in the Russian campaign you get off the boat, and they give you a clip to assault a hill with. No gun. So you follow around the guy in front of you who was given
    • There were a few annoying moments at the end of FarCry, but the linearity was more annoying than the difficulty.
    • It was stupid hard at the last level. Loved the game, except for the very end. Even on the 'easy' level, I never got the through the volcano level without a bit of help. Huge turn off, but most of the game was fantastic. Raised the bar for most games and really drove home how linear HL2 was. Loved all the options they gave you on the island missions. There were so many way to try and beat the level. Snipe a boat, steal a jeep, sneak up on the bad guys and take them out. Water, land, air - all good.
    • I agree with this.

      The island levels were really fun, but once I got into the cave levels, I lost interest and quit playing.

      The multi-player was pretty weak, too...

      You should just buy BF2. You won't regret it.
  • Free with my last memory order at crucial, not really playable on my current rig (PIII-S 1.4, GF3 Ti200, 512MB ram) at 1024x786 with all they eye candy turned on, but it looks good.
  • by Alioth ( 221270 )
    First, download Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (cost, $0)
    Then download the True Combat: Elite ( [] mod for RTCW:ET. TC:E is a complete new game that just uses RTCW:ET to provide the engine. Cost $0.

    Both games are a lot of fun. They run on Linux, Mac and Windows.
    • I have tried RTCW:ET before twice. First time, I kept getting kicked cause I was a n00b... second time, I was so heavily spawncamped, that I couldn't even start. Really turned me off to the game. Tell me about the gameplay of TC:E, though. Another CS ripoff?
      • I never played CS, so I don't really know whether it's a CS knockoff or not. However I believe it is the same general concepts. It's still under development, too - so they are going to be adding some more features to the game. I enjoy playing it (objective rather than bodycount) because it has nice short rounds and it's possible to just have a half hour game - and it's good fun (plenty of tactics to use)

        On the base RTCW:ET game, it all depends what server you join. Also, when I started playing it, I spectat
  • And whatever you do.... stay far, far away from Pariah. Personally, I thought it (Pariah) sucked - repetitive gameplay and non-sensical, contrived storyline. I finished the game and promptly uninstalled it and threw it in the trash. Ugh.

    Most of my gaming lately has been ESPN Baseball 2K5 on my PS2... I want to get NCAA 2006, but I can't. There's a Michigan Wolverine (Braylon Edwards?) on the cover, which just makes my Ohio State blood boil.

  • is great. I love it alot more than Medal of Honor, the other competing WW2 shooter. Then again, I think part of the enjoyment on my end is shooting people in the game with guns I have in my closet. But, I really enjoyed it, and I am looking forward to picking up Call of Duty 2 this fall when it comes out.
  • I've only played Call of Duty on the PS2 (and then only briefly- the PS2 died), but I really, really liked it. It was extremely intense and captured a lot of details. For instance, when you're receiving oral instructions its really hard to hear your CO if there are explosions or gunfire going off close by. It is the closest game I have yet played to making you feel like you're actually in the middle of a pitched battle and that you're just one out of many people currently fighting. I know nothing about
  • looks cool, but I'll need more memory and a new videocard to find out how it is to play it.
  • I'm thinking Call of Duty or FryCry

    Don't even consider it. Save your money. For in seven days from today, what will probably be the best FPS written to date will be released. Serious Sam 2 is coming. It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine...

    If the previous Serious Sam games are anything to go by, it's likely to be a mid priced title straight from the outset, too.

    • Aww, crap. There goes my fucking life.

      I really enjoyed the game "Tron 2.0" probably more than I should have. If you liked the movie you may like this one. It is now in the bargain bin.

      Unreal Tournament 2004 if you like online frag fests.

      Doom 3 in case you haven't already done so.

      Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. 'Nuff said.

      Evil Genius for when you need another RTS.

      If you are looking for old school games (like MAME emulation) e-mail me. ;>
  • Personally I'd save that 30 bucks, throw in a 20 when you can and pick up BF2. It's been the most fun I've had with a computer game since Thief 2. Expensive yes, but well worth the price. There is nothing like getting a good squad (which can sometimes take a long time unfortunately) and working together, making short work of the opposing team even though they greatly outnumber you.
    • I've observed that the 1.03 update has caused more players to be squad leaders... Obviously because then they are immune to the auto-switch.
      • Hey anything to get the players to ACTUALLY USE the squads is ok by me. I don't know how many maps I've been on where our larger disorganized team got destroyed by a smaller organized team... its depressing.
        • I fully agree. We should play some time.
          Add me to your IM and we'll coordinate a strike.

          I'm a freaking awesome helicopter pilot, if I do say so myself... and not to shabby in a tank or even a buggy.
          • Sounds great man, I'll do that right away. I have to say I was much better at choppers in BF Vietnam, but in BF2 I'm a tanker all the way. See you on the field of glory!
  • My boys and I are quite happy with it. Of course, none of us have played FarCry, so YMMV.
  • Or have you already, that Unread is dead?

    'Cause surely you know as well as we do.

    Sorry. I guess I just envy your free time to play games. :)

  • i feel like i'm letting you down by not having tons and tons of suggestions.

    have you played splinter cell: chaos theory? i have the xbox version, and i have to say that it's pretty cool. it isn't high paced action so much as it is intense action. even my wife really digs playing the co-op mode with me. there's a lot more thinking involved than most shooters, and i think that's its strength.

    if you were a day of defeat fan there's the new source version out now. i haven't played it yet, so no editorial,
  • Do not buy Battlefield 2 before they have fixed it. That game is beta quality, even after the 1.03 (or whatever the most recent version is) patch.

    Save you money and your sanity. BF2 = teh bug.
    • I have to disagree with that statement. Right out of the box it had a host of issues to be sure, but the 1.03 patch has not only cleared up most of those, but also addressed a number of gameplay issues (you can no longer kill ur teammates by side swiping them with a vehicle, hooray!). The server browser has also been improved a great deal. It's the most fun I've had with a computer game in a long time. Now if only I could get my wife to let me play longer... hmmmm.....
      • I agree with you. I've really been enjoying BF2; probably too much.

        The only bugs I experience are occasional random crashes, but rebooting my box solves that.

        I definitely need a new video card though... My Radeon 9000 Pro does OK, but doesn't make the game look great.

        I still prefer the helicopters in Desert Combat though. I played some DC the other day and had a great time. Forgot how much fun it was.
  • right now. Old FPS, but interesting so far. The comic book feel works. Should be dirt cheap.
  • Yes it's still buggy, but it's still very enjoyable. The game does need a few more updates to hammer out the big issues but I wouldn't hold on getting it because of that.

    If you're more interested in fair play, sportsmanship and tactics than high scores and easy kills, join the Tacticalgamer [] BF2 server. It's a very well admined community with strict policies on behaviour. No spawncamping or bunnyhopping for instance.

    You won't play on another server after you try it.

    (After finding the TG community I'm sac

  • A VERY old game by Parallax Software. If ever I finish it, I'll try Descent II. Turn off "Ship Auto Levelling" for the full DIMS effect.
    • I was pissed when my older joystick broke. The hat switch had a point on it that made playing the game a lot easier than on my current Logitech Wingman. Perhaps some FEMO and superglue might do the trick...

      Loved. That. Game. Actually I enjoyed all three of them. The first two were the best, but the third one only really had great graphics going for it.

      Along with turning off ship auto-leveling I might suggest redefining the controls so they make sense for you. I seem to remember the default control sch
      • redefining the controls so they make sense for you
        Funny that that is exactly how I set it up, and it wasn't the default, and why must I set up hte controls on EVERY GAME I PLAY (well, except tetris)? It makes me think that the people who design the control layouts for games must be either left-handed or in a totally different headspace about keyboards, or maybe just wanted to give the developers an extra job to do - "Hey, can you build an interface for changing the controls around?" "Well, sure, but why
    • Heh... thats OLD OLD school. Played through descent and descent 2. Joystick broke (damn good MS joystick, too), but I never did finish Descent 3. Really rough game, too (the third one).
  • by lab16 ( 416283 )
    can be had for $20. []
    If you don't already have it that is.
    • Already played through it.., first few levels were GREAT... but then I was picking up the chaingun and noticed that demons were coming out of walls that vanished and I lost interest (they went for realistic, then had to put demons into walls with secret doors? Pah-leeze!). I did eventually finish... all I can say is its a great demo of the new graphic engine... but I don't consider it much of a 'game' by todays standards.
  • The game should be available for US$20, like here [] or you can get the 'Platinum Pack' (with the Team Sabre Expansion) [] for US$30.

    I like it. Good game and there's some anti-cheat proggies available to keep things fair ( []).

    If you pick up just the base game, you can usually find me in the !FIGHTCLUB server ( []). Grab a med pack, as you get experience points fastest that way.

    FWIW, Novalogic came out with another game after it, Joint Operations, and re-released the first g

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