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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Flyin to Boston with the Family 12

Sorry I haven't been around lately... just finished everything I was SUPPOSED to have done and am now back on time since my week of madness. Will talk football later in the week (not ready to talk about the Steelers-Pats game without foaming at the mouth and knocking out the three closest people to me)...

Anywho, I'm using up some extra vacation time I got for being at my company for so long (up to 3 weeks now). Going on a trip from Oct-12 to Oct-19 (which happens to be my 29th birthday). Flying from Akron (close to my parents, and DIRT CHEAP) to Boston. But before all you Boston...ians(?) get excited, the trip is to visit my inlaws, so I'll literally come off the plane in Boston, meet the inlaws, then get in their van and travel to Maine where they live. So no time to socialize or even meet... bummer.

But I am looking forward to it. My father-in-law is too, I'm sure. Sure they get to see the grandkids, but we get along really well, cause... well... my wife is a picky eater. The reason? Her mother is a picky eater and would never force my wife to eat anythign she wouldn't eat. Her whole family is this way except for her father.
I eat everything. I'd even try Haggis if you made it for me. Regardless, when I go up there, I have a feeling he'll be taking me out for seafood feasts every night while the girls order a pizza or go get burgers or something.

Unfortunately, Joey may have some wierd sardine allergy, so he's been forced not to eat any seafood until next year, so I can't take him along (the wife and I have discussed why she's a picky eater and we've agreed that we won't let him eat anythign I wouldn't eat... and the kid eats everything just like his pop... and, to be fair, for both kids, I have tried all the baby food they eat. Most isn't terrible).

Anywho, I plan on eating my weight in lobster :D
I seriously doubt there are any Maine slashdotters, but I will be in the Portland area eating at all the good seafood places most nights if anyone wants to find me...

Oh, and those bored, here's some great (albeit, old) GI Joe parodies (parodies of the "Knowing is half the battle" scenes). Some of them are not very worksafe due to language, but they are frickin hilarious:
GI Joe Parodies.
I'm fond of "GI Gay" and "Porkchop Sandwiches".
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Flyin to Boston with the Family

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